Nothing beats a great book and we love to share our love of reading with the kids in our lives, both big and small. Here is a collection of some of our favourite books on our gift lists this year:


Carole’s Picks:

Tomatoes for Neela – Bestselling author, host of Top Chef and all around amazing woman, Parma Lakshmi has teamed up with illustrator Juana Martinez. They have created a charming celebration of food, family and memories to share with her daughter. Now we can share this with our kids too


Great Too– Lauri Holomis and Glen Gretzky have followed up their award winning picture book, Great, with Great Too. Coach Wally continues to inspire and teach kids about teamwork, building self confidence and just trying your best. This book is not just for hockey loving kids and the message couldn’t be more important. As Coach Wally says “If you have a good time, work hard and do your best, that is all that matters.”

In The French Kitchen With Kids This fabulous cookbook by food blogger/educator Marci Michaels with have you and your kids in the kitchen whipping up French delights in no time! These simple, delicious recipes are great for all ages. Michaels, a teacher at a Toronto boy’s school, leads a group of elementary school boys in a regular cooking club and I have followed their progress on Instagram as they make everything from ratatouille to croissants. A must gift for families who love food and love to cook.

Nathalie’s Picks:

The Christmas Pig by J.K. Rowling


It’s the perfect Christmas story, filled with adventure, learning and beloved toys, old and new. Jack’s beloved stuffed toy Pig is lost in a horrible accident, and Jack has to embark on the biggest adventure of his short little life to rescue him. Divorce, bullying, humans and things in mortal peril make this book slightly frightening, but we know it will all end well. As we know from the Harry Potter franchise, Rowling is especially good at world building and creating characters who have to face peril and moral dilemmas. I particularly enjoyed the echoes of The Phantom Tollbooth. Try it as an audiobook on for an excellent full cast reading of this fast-paced, tear-jerking, sure-to-be-a-modern-classic.

Aggie Morton Mystery Queen: Peril at Owl Park by Marthe Jocelyn

The titular heroine Aggie is named after Agatha Christie, who is the presiding spirit over this series of Canadian middle grade mysteries. There are three books in the series, and this one (the second) is set at Christmas, making it a great gift for this time of year. Aggie and her friend Hector (echoes of Hercule) continue their murder-solving adventures in this take on the country house murder. Good plotting and good fun.

Sonya’s Picks:

Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Ring: Who Guards My Sleep by Marie Chow

A beautifully illustrated picture book for young Marvel fans that coincides with this past year’s blockbuster film. The book explores the fantastical elements introducing young Shang-Chi and his family.

Tales of Fearless Girls: retold by Isabel Otter

This enchanting anthology of 20 forgotten fairy tales features stories of strong girls from different cultures around the world. Every tale features a female heroine who approaches life with humor, wit, cunning, and bravery. The collection includes stories from countries such as Mexico, Scotland, Siberia, Iran, Japan, China, Nigeria, Spain, Italy, Germany, India, and more. Includes a story map, background information on the stories, talking points, and an index.