So October 17th has come and gone and it wasn’t actually a ploy by the government to flush out the deviants, miscreants and secret smoking clubs. Despite jokes from our neighbours South of the border that we would collectively go up in a puff legalization strolled in quiet and laid back; a fitting introduction to the green goddess.

Now that time has passed and the initial trepidation has waned the canna-curious have started coming out of the weeds.  These are the causal tokers; the ones that take a puff or two during the pass but wouldn’t think of “breaking the law” by possessing it themselves. But now that they can where do they start?

As one of these hesitant high-fliers I decided to get those answers by going to the best source around; the ganja guru. That friend, who has been a total pothead since highschool. That friend that used to grow weed back in the day. That friend, dear reader, knows more about cannabis than the government does, and they’re the (anonymous) expert for this article.

So where can I purchase pot in Ontario?

I discovered there are lots of source of weed where code words are used and age verification techniques are required but when I rephrased my question to include the word “legally” the eye rolled answer was The Ontario Cannabis Store. Basically your governments own personal stash plus HST.

So I’m on the site. What am I looking for?

That depends on my needs. Do I want it for pain control, to sleep better, to have better sex or be more creative? Not all pot is created equal.

Okay so I want to sleep better. Indica or Sativa or a hybrid?

Sativa is considered the daytime high. It will help dial you in to great workout or kick up your creative juices.

Indica is more your night time low to help you relax an anxious mind or sleep better.  To chill out.

Hybrids can be specially blended to give you a little from column A  and B.

I don’t know how to properly roll a burrito let alone a joint. Should I buy pre-rolled?

Like all pre-packaged goods you don’t always know what you are getting cause you can’t see it. So fire up YouTube and get practicing your rolling skills.

How much should I buy? The higher the amount the bigger bang for my buck?

We have established that every weed is different. So is everybody and their reaction. Like a good braised beef you want to go low and slow to learn your dose. If you smoke a joint with 0.5g in it and after an hour feel nothing is happening then you may need to up your dose. BUT NOT RIGHT AWAY. Effects could take hours to appear. Wait for another day to try a bigger hit. You waited this long, what is another day or two.


What am I to expect? Will I get the munchies and laugh a lot?

Again each response is different. Relaxation, freedom from pain, horny-ness, general calmness or extra energy are all things you could experience.  However heart palpitations, anxiousness and paranoia could also happen. Smoke with some experienced friends until you know your baselines.

Is it safe? Like SAFE safe?

You can’t die from smoking pot. Unlike alcohol which is toxic to vital organs when drank in large quantities weed is safe to smoke.Keep in mind that like all sensory altering substances the effects can be dangerous.

Don’t smoke too much at first!

Smoke with people who can watch out for you.


Have food and water with you. Take it slow.


Is it really legal?

Yes! Yes it is!

Stay tuned as we continue our beginners series to tackle oils, rolling a joint, edibles and more.