Binge watching tv in February is a national sport in Canada. It’s cold, it’s snowy, it get dark before you are even home from work.

Carole’s Picks:

Cunk On Earth (Netflix)

Diane Morgan plays Philomena Cunk, a simpleton presenting herself as a reporter, interviews real life experts in their fields. Together they explore important periods in history. Morgan has played this character in various shows in the UK, but this our introduction to the hilarious Ms. Cunk.

The show manages to spoof every historical docuseries ever made while eliciting earnest discussion with the various historians. They respond to her random pop culture references, mispronunciation of simple words like bible and ridiculous observations with patience and bemusement.

At one point, Cunk and British historical linguistics expert, Dr. Irving Finkel, are looking at a stone tablet featuring some of the earliest human writing. “If someone shouted this aloud,” she wonders, “would that have been the first audiobook?” Finkel thinks for a minute; actually pondering this and finally says “No.”

Madoff: The Monster Of Wall Street (Netflix)

It’s easy to say you don’t have sympathy for the mega rich and the senior traders who knew better, but you forget that those trader’s invested the life savings of real people. THEY are the true victims in this saga that we thought we knew all about. I was glued to the screen.

Add to that the collateral damage he did to his family (who he always swore he kept in the dark about his ponzy scheming)

Poker Face (Peacock in the US Rogers Citytv+ in Canada)

Natasha Lyonne plays a woman who has a strange talent. She can tell immediately if someone is lying. In this ten week series, she hits the road in her muscle car and encounters a new cast of characters in each episode. She’s solving crimes, she is looking fab – it’s Natasha Lyonne and I’m here for anything she stars in. Add to that , The Glass Onion writer-director Rian Johnson is behind the show.

Since it’s exclusive to the U.S.-only Peacock series, Canadians will have to sign up to Rogers’ Citytv+ service, if they don’t already subscribe. This is available as a $4.99/month Amazon Prime Video channel, with a free 30-day trial to start.

Red Rose (Netflix)

I will be watching this British horror series from the Clarkson twins (The Haunting of Bly Manor) when it drops on Netflix Canada on Feb 15. A group of teens fall under the spell of a destructive, mysterious app. The app, known as Red Rose, wreaks havoc in the lives of this group of young people, touching on a core tenet of the internet’s malicious potential. Our perception of reality is forever changed by our reliance on technology.

“Your phone lives in your pocket – it’s always there. It can control the way you feel so much even though we could just turn it off and not feel it anymore. I think that’s really scary” – Isis Hainsworth who plays Rochelle in Red Rose.

Sonya’s Picks:

NY Bling Empire (Netflix):

If you’ve binged Bling Empire (LA version) and wondering what to watch next? In comes the New York spin-off where life moves way faster and just as bougie but at a different pace. In a world of more is more comes a whole new set of personalities.

“Slaysians” have arrived and claws come out right from the get-go when a power couple celebrates their 10th anniversary with their closest friends at a “gathering” in a contemporary art gallery. Food? nah. This is New York. You’re there to be seen not to eat, hun. Fans of the original Bling Empire are already claiming this edition is better. I’m still undecided.

Dubai Bling (Netflix):

This is an entertaining series that offers a glimpse into the life of next-level rich in the Middle East. The cast of characters are interesting from the real-estate/self-made millionaire Zeina dubbed the Queen of Versace. Safa, who’s just got her body back (and life) now has pressure from her husband to get pregnant and she barters for a bigger house.

A young-widowed LJ who may (or may not) be ready to get back on the dating scene. Lojain is a TV host who comes in with words of wisdom and keeps the peace. Then, there’s the “influencer” Farhana who seems to take every opportunity to surround herself with the VIPs and have every part of her life sponsored. I’m not even going to get into the men.

YOU PEOPLE (Netflix):

Co-written by Kenya Barris and Jonah Hill, the star-studded modern-day rom-com is about family dynamics and clashing cultures. When Ezra Cohen (Jonah Hill) and Amira Mohammed (Lauren London) announce to their families that they plan to wed, everyone is surprised. Julia Louis-Dreyfus and David Duchovny play Ezra’s parents and their acceptance of their future daughter-in-law is a big check mark in the most cringy way. Eddie Murphy and Nia Long play Amira’s parents and not convinced at all that this was the right match. Many great cameos and gut-busting moments making this a great easy weekend watch.