Her career is more than one to watch. Tenille Arts also knows how hard it is to carve out her voice in the industry. Her dedication to the arts and her experience has landed her as a returning Artist Ambassador involved with First Up with RBCxMusic — a program that mentors the rising stars, raise awareness of the program, and where artists share their own journey. “I want to share my story with them so they can feel more comfortable with every career move that they make,” said Tenille. It’s her interesting in lifting others while offering honest advice that adds to the growing list of  why we love her.

Born and raised in Weyburn, Saskatchewan, Tenille began her career at age 13 and has been performing across North America ever since. But it was the opportunity to perform her original song “Moment of Weakness” on The Bachelor (yes, that show!) that really grabbed a lot of attention. The televised performance landed her a record deal with Reviver Records. She returned to sing again on the show this year with “I Hate This”. Following that episode, the tune hit #1 on both the U.S. and Canadians iTunes country charts. It also reached #9 on the all-genre category. She’s also recently released a new single, “Everybody Knows Everybody” and achieved the “Rising Star Award” at the 2020 CCMA Awards.

In the first round of being an Artist Ambassador with RBCxMusic, she hosted a masterclass on songwriting and lyrics. “I shared with artists the power of honesty and how it opens doors to be relatable to your audience, ” said Tenille. She also gave them the advice of having patience and consistency of constantly practicing noting that keeping up this routine gives more comfortable as one hones their craft.

Tenille is now returning to the program to mentor young artists for the second time around which includes a new partnership with The Remix Project fostering the artistic talents and endeavours of youth from marginalized and underserved communities.

We had a chance to chat with Tenille recently about her career so far…

You were quite young when you started your country music career –what helped you along the way?

TA: I started out mostly performing in local competitions so RBCxMusic would have definitely been something I would have wanted to be a part of! I’ve had a lot of great champions of my music over the years. I made my first trip to Nashville at age 15 and I had a few songwriters really help me out. Then I met my publisher, Hal Oven and he is the reason I’m where I am today.

You’ve performed on ‘The Bachelor’! How did that happen?

TA: My manager reached out to a few TV shows, and one of the producers from ‘The Bachelor’ fell in love with my music. I was so excited to have the platform of that show at such an early point in my career. That show gives you incredible exposure!

Can you tell us the story behind your latest single, “Everybody Knows Everybody”?

TA: This is a song about my hometown!! It’s pretty small so there’s really only one bar that everybody goes to and everybody knows way too much about each other. It’s a fun song that I think anyone from a small town can relate to!

In 2020 you were set to go on tour but covid changed everything. How have you been promoting your music over the past year?

TA: I’ve been on social media constantly! I had to find a few unique ways to keep the fans engaged and to share new music with them. So I have done a ton of live performances over Facebook, Instagram and TikTok, and I’ve also done some virtual meet & greets!

When this pandemic is done with, what will be a few of the first things you want to see/do?

TA: I definitely want to get back out on the road. I have my first Top 15 single at US Country Radio with a song called “Somebody Like That”. So I want to get out on tour in Canada and the US and finally get to play this song for everyone!

And lastly, your favourite piece of advice?

TA: My favorite advice is that nobody really knows what they are doing. It sounds weird but it’s true!! Music is a form of art, so you shouldn’t take opinions too seriously. Stick to who you are and don’t chase trends.

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*photo credit: Rachel Deeb for RBCxMusic