Drinking should never be a prerequisite for socializing with your mates. But with every invitation comes an asterisk. Whether it’s a dinner at your friend’s house, a brunch date or a long weekend away, offering a no-hooch option is an inclusive approach to hosting.

Canadians adopted alcohol as one of our favourite pandemic hobbies. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction noted a 20% increase in those who drink daily. That is a huge problem considering the myriad of health-related concerns with alcohol. From heart and stroke to cancer and cognitive issues, there’s mounting research pointing to alcohol’s negative health impacts.

Having options, whether you choose to abstain or limit your consumption, is a healthy approach to support that mindset.

Here are our Favourite Trouble-free Tipples this Long Weekend

silver swallow sparkling kombucha

For splashier celebrations, the distinct pop from the cork and the lux presentation of Silver Swallow Luxury Kombucha. Here we layered the sparkling beverage with a Paradise, a floral tea from Firebelly Tea. Adding an interesting flourish and aromatic note is as easy as brewing a mug of tea. Simply steep, and set aside to cool. Add a tablespoon or two to each flute before topping with Silver Swallow Sparkling Kombucha.

harmons non alcholic beer

Pizza and beer. Burgers and beer. Wings and beer. Hey, cake and beer, no judgement here! Beer is a quintessential palate cleanser and thirst destroyer, there’s just no replacement for that hoppy taste. Harmon’s hits the right notes with their Jack Pine Pale Ale and Lunchbox Lagered Ale. The craft beer, brewed right here in Toronto also offers a Hazy IPA. Beer lovers will rejoice to discover this brand, which brings full flavour and traditional brewing techniques to this booze-free brew.

collective project blood orange yuzu

Basically, it’s tipple-free, but please do not operate a vehicle or do your taxes after tipping Collective Project‘s sunshine in a can of Blood Orange, Yuzu & Vanilla. Akin to a creamsicle, this THC + CBD drink definitely packs a punch, but since it’s booze-free, we feel it more than belongs, if you’re Cali-Sober, this is one tasty sipper. Investigate more buzzy cannabis drinks here.

For wine drinkers, there are some interesting new bottles to pair with your next tasting menu. Acid League offers subscription-based wine boxes geared toward delivering a full-bodied wine, minus the alcohol. Using the same grapes as your favourite Cali-cab is a signal that flavour is more important to consumers than a hangover. Sign us up.

Seedlip Spice 94

Arguably one of the brands that started it all, Seedlip‘s line of aromatic tinctures brings balance and a bit of oomph to your alcohol-free bevvies. Picture a G&T minus the G…layers of spice and citrus make this an effortless yet elegant drink.

All images by Libby Roach.