Calling all Swifties! Apple Fitness+ has just added music by Taylor Swift! Timing couldn’t be more perfect. Anyone else had her latest album Midnights on repeat? It’s the first time the music by the multi-award-winning artist is on the service. Beginning with a dedicated solo Artist Spotlight series.

The series dedicates an entire workout playlist to a single artist, and every Monday for three weeks, new workouts featuring music by Taylor Swift will appear across workout types including Core, Cycling, Dance, HIIT, Pilates, Rowing, Strength, Treadmill, and Yoga.
To celebrate the theme of “Midnights,” the first three workouts will feature special themed lighting, and the Fitness+ trainers will highlight the artist in fun and creative ways. In a Treadmill workout, the first letter of each coaching tip by Fitness+ trainer Scott Carvin will combine to spell “SWIFTIE.” In a HIIT workout, Fitness+ trainer Anja Garcia will coach users through 13-second intervals to lean into Swift’s affinity for the number 13.

And that’s not all the news! Apple Fitness+  the very popular fitness and wellness service will now be available for iPhone users to subscribe – yep, now you don’t need an Apple Watch to access the workouts and mindful meditation sessions! For any new purchases of a new iPhone, iPad or Apple TV will now have access to 3 FREE months of Apple Fitness+.

iPhone users will have access to the entire service featuring over 3,000 studio-style workouts and meditations, all led by a diverse and inclusive team of trainers. Users will also see onscreen trainer guidance and interval timing, and estimated calories burned will be used to make progress on their Move ring.

What else caught our attention in the latest fitness news?

Fitness+ will introduce a new workout program, Yoga for Every Runner, featuring one of the world’s top ultramarathon athletes, Scott Jurek, and led by Fitness+ Yoga trainer Jessica Skye. This program has runners of all levels in mind and helps not only with focus and positive vibes but the workouts are designed to support joints, muscle and balance.

Fans of Time to Walk will discover new guests to their already impressive roster, including Emmy-winning actor Hannah Waddingham; globally renowned singer-songwriter Meghan Trainor; and former astronaut and colonel Eileen M. Collins. This unique series is designed to feel more personal. Each session features inspiring celebrities and notables sharing their life stories while taking in their daily walk along their favourite trails. I love this series as it keeps me moving further and longer on my daily walks and at any pace I choose to take.

Fitness+ is also introducing 3 new music Collections to inspire your groove: Totally ’80s Cycling, Best Mindful Cool-downs for Athletes, and 14-Day HIIT and Strength Challenge.