The PC® Insiders Report™ has introduced a few new items this festive season and we’ve had a chance to check them out. While the Yuzu Summer sun has definitely set, PC has a new bag of tricks to help us with hosting and holiday meal prepping. Before we get down to it, here’s what we’ve discovered!

Montreal-based Illustrator, Amélie Tourangeau, and contributions from notable Canadians such as Food Writer, Tara O’Brady, and singer-songwriter, Jann Arden are a level up from this weeks collab featuring Bieb’s Balls. Thoughtful and careful inclusions and on-trend flavours prove PC’s R&D is on point. From snacky starters to delectable desserts, there’s something for everyone on this hot menu.

What’s Cooking This Holiday Season

  • PC® Kimchi Hummus
  • PC® Halloom Cheese Sticks in Za’Atar Herbed Batter
  • PC® Butter Infused Stuffed Turkey Crown
  • PC® Kalbi Beef Short Ribs
  • PC® Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • PC® Egg Nog Ice Cream
  • PC® Chocolate Caramel Pecan Cluster New York-Style Cheesecake

Ready for Everyone, Santa Included

PC KIMCHI HUMMUS: Okay, this one got me, how many variations of hummus do we really need? But it works, so why think too hard? Chickpeas are a wonderfully neutral base, here studded and crowned with umami-rich kimchi, it’s a festive front to a passable dip, made extra festive here with green and red veggies to up the Christmas quotient. An easy and attractive addition to any festive function.

pc insiders report festive hallom

PC HALLOOM CHEESE STICKS: Who has ever said no to a mozzarella stick? Here, the classic bar food gets a serious upgrade with cheese of the moment Halloom, battered and ready to impress in minutes. Although the directions suggest oven cooking, we used our Air-Fryer to shave 4 minutes off and create picture-perfect super crispy cheese sticks. No dip required, these gooey and addictive sticks are a feat all on their own.

Meaty Mains Dressed to Impress

PC KALBI BEEF SHORT RIBS: My family makes Korean dishes often. This version of the popular bbq dish is both tasty and easy to heat up. Kalbi beef ribs are thinly sliced and cook pretty quickly. There are three ribs in the package. Good for two people or one big eater! The ribs come pre-cooked and frozen with extra sauce. The marinade isn’t as garlicky as what we are used to when it comes to Korean dishes but that may be preferred for younger eaters. For a quick weeknight meal, it’s easy to defrost and pop into the oven to heat up. Since there’s some extra sauce, I’ve poured it onto chicken thighs and popped them into the (425F for 25 minutes – or until the chicken juices run clear). Serve with steamed rice and a lightly sautéed veg like baby bok choy.

pc insiders report festive kalbi

PC BUTTER INFUSED STUFFED TURKEY CROWN: Wow! This was impressive and hoping this could be an all-year-round offering. Suitable for 4 people, this cook-from-frozen compact turkey is a no-brainer and won’t take up prime real estate in your freezer. First, it comes stuffed with traditional stuffing in the cavity. The instructions are clear, Cooking from frozen means no fussing about prep but you will be roasting this for about 4 to 5 hours depending on your oven. The result is a juicy turkey AND stuffing! Save the bones and any leftover meat to make soup the next day. Foolproof!

pc insiders report festive turkey

The Decadent Finish

PC HOT CHOCOLATE BOMBS: Made with chocolate that has 50% cocoa solids, this bomb is the actual bomb, with hot milk releasing mini marshmallows and an ethereally smooth finish. Easy peasy! Top with whipped cream and chocolate powder for a barista-approved look. Here, we added graham crackers for a s’more nod. Kid-approved!

pc insiders desserts

PC CHOCOLATE PECAN CARAMEL CLUSTER NEW YORK-STYLE CHEESECAKE: Good-golly, this is glorious! If you have a sweet tooth that just can’t be satisfied, this cheesecake might just take the cake. Crowned with toasted pecans and a generous layer of caramel sauce, it’s best to cut pieces on the small-ish size, this cake packs a punch!

PC EGG NOG ICE CREAM: Is it even Christmas if there isn’t egg nog? Here, the classic gets a noble reinvention, perfect for an effortless DIY dessert bar. With a cinnamon and rum-flavoured finish, this beyond creamy ice cream hits all the notes!

pc insiders egg nog icecream

All images by Libby Roach.