We wrote about Djot back in January but the product wasn’t available for retail yet. Coined “the Keurig of Cannabis”, this little pocket-sized gadget dispenses precise dosing of liquid cannabis. You can use it to discreetly drip water-soluble THC or CBD into any liquid. Ramp up your morning coffee with a 2mg micro dose to start a relaxing weekend. Maybe cannabis products allow you to attain better sleep. Perhaps you just don’t want to guestimate your dosing with drinks and edibles. Just program your Djot to release between 1 and 10mg. Quick and easy, no messing around with droppers or hoping you didn’t mess up your math. Choose your own adventure.

Djot cannabis dispensor

The Djot Dispenser

I have been really keen to get my hands on one of these since it first landed on my radar. Luckily, the company sent me a dispenser and a cartridge so that I could try it out. You can purchase the starter kit that includes the device and one cartridge containing 130mg of THC (12 x10mg doses) for $50. The 300mg full sized cartridges (BevDrops dPod) go for about $40 each. BevDrops Pods contain a Sativa-based Emprise Rapid Acting Nano THC. This means it’s water soluble with a fast onset similar to the canned cannabis beverages on the market.

The Pods

For the pods, you can choose a 300mg BevDrops in either Rapid Acting THC or CBD. They anticipate a variety of DrinkDrops, sublingual oil drops and more becoming available eventually. For now, however, the BevDrops seem to be the only style available.

I have used it every day for a week and it gets an A+ for convenience. I can totally envision bringing this with me when I travel (within Canada, of course), visit cottages etc. Up until now, I take a bag of drinks with me but I end up giving them away. The next thing you know, I am out after the first day. Also, I rarely want to drink an entire 10mg can. I am left, awkwardly, carrying around half a can all evening. This is something I can just throw in my bag, whip out, dispense a few mg of THC into whatever I am drinking and put it back in my bag.

Because I use THC to sleep, running out when I am visiting friends and family or in a hotel is a big concern of mine. The Djot is small enough to slip into my purse or even a smaller belt bag and it’s discreet enough to use anywhere.

Almost Perfect

My only complaint is that it didn’t come with detailed instructions and I had to find videos online to figure out how to work the slider on the bottom of the cartridge that opens and closes the dispenser. I managed to flip it off completely, dislodging the little magnet that lets the dispenser know if the hole is covered or uncovered. It still works just fine but I have to be more mindful because I don’t get the vibration that reminds me to close the slider which will turn off the dispenser. Don’t pop the magnet off like I did and you will be good to go.

Other than that, it is really easy to use once you watch the videos. The dPod just pops in so I can imagine you could switch between, say, a THC and a CBD pod if you wanted to. You can also save your preferred dose so you don’t have to set it every time. There is also a way to set a passcode that serves as a childproof lock. It’s USB charged and after a week of use, I haven’t had to recharge it yet. The screen, itself, is a good size, and easy to read and maneuver.

Just start here and watch the short videos that follow. CEO Elad Barak walks you through the process from unboxing to taking advantage of its features. The website mentions an App that will allow you to track and optimize your usage. I have not found it so that might be something to look out for.

I was gifted a Djot and dPod to try out and review. All opinions, as always, are very much my own