Summer is here officially, but depending on where you live in the world, the season can either be a full tilt sauna-esque situation or, if you’re in Eastern Canada like me, some years not much more than a blip of heat and bam! it’s gone. Either way, like any good girl scout, you come prepared, especially if your summer involves camping (check) or a cottage (definitely). With social distancing going extra innings, the great outdoors will be on everyone’s horizon.

And with wacky weather patterns changing by the minute, ticks and bugs swarming and don’t even get me started on coyotes (meep!) being ready for anything has never meant more.

If you’re looking to get outside this summer, here’s a few options to keep up the pace this summer!

Columbia Rogue Runner Wind Jacket

This light weight and reflective jacket sets the tone for a walk in the woods. The bright red colour is snazzy and downright patriotic, and with reflective features both front and back, you won’t get mistaken for a moose! A generous hood means you’re rain ready and pockets are well-positioned and large enough in size enough to bring a granola bar or two along, just in case.

Columbia Newton Ridge Hiking Boots

There’s nothing worse than improper foot wear, especially if you’re tackling treacherous terrain and vertical climbs. The Newton Ridge Hiking Boots from Columbia Sportswear offer ample ankle support and a weave of grippy treads designed to keep you slip free and read to navigate anything that gets in your way.

Nike Hoodie and Sports Tights

Be ready for anything, and look good doing it! Nike’s array of workout ready tights look good with just about anything and allow for spontaneous sweat sessions on the spot. Layer up the look with a classic hoodie, Nike‘s styles range from crop to extra long, and we love the hoodies that protect your neck and and face on the fly.

Fitbit Charger from Staples Canada

Tracking steps has become a pandemic pastime, challenging friends to get off the couch and keeping each other motivated has helped people keep the covid pounds at bay and nurtured a bonding and lasting friendships from afar. The Fitbit Charge 3 is a nifty bit of tech that checks all the boxes, and Staples Canada stocks the fleet of Fitbits, shipping swiftly so you can make the most of your day.

All photos by Libby Roach.