Dew Sweat House exists for the sole purpose of sweating. Yes, that seems fairly obvious by their name; you will get wet on this ride. But do you know why sweating is so important for health? Aside from rosy cheeks, a deep, nourishing sweat session helps your body clean itself from the inside out, each bead of sweat you drop is dripping with impurities. That red wine from last night, that burger from lunch yesterday, the pollution in the air, it’s all trapped in our bodies.

Dew Sweat House- Post necessities

As an fairly avid hot yoga practitioner, I’m keenly aware of the benefits of a good sweat session. You sleep better, your skin glows, your metabolism is boosted and yes, you burn calories. After a recent trip to LA, co-owner Sue Kuruvilla was tapped out, emotionally, dealing with a serious illness in her family that was hitting close to home. She was beyond stressed, and sleep was fleeting. A friend convinced her to check out a local sweat ‘studio’, and she was hooked. After one session, she slept like a baby, returning the next day for one more round before a red-eye home. She knew that if she could muster a good sleep on the plane ride that it was not a coincidence, sweating out it out proved to be the ticket to dream land. On her return to Toronto, she was inspired to create a similar space, and the rest is history.

Dew Sweat House

So what does a sweat session entail? Before entering the airy Gerrard Street address, guests are encouraged to hydrate leading up to their appointment time, and wear clothing that’s comfortable, something that you can soak up all your sweat, and not feel restrictive to peel off after. Think more sweatpants and long sleeve T’s instead of skin tight Lululemons. Each session lasts 55 minutes, with heat starting out at a very tolerable temperature courtesy the FAR infrared heat blankets. Safely tucked into your cozy yurt like setting, the minutes trickle away just like the bead of sweating dripping down your back. I caught up on my stories on Netflix and felt snug and sweaty. The first 20 minutes were a cakewalk, but as promised, the last 20 were the real challenge. You’re encouraged to leave your arms in to contain all the heat, but I do admit I reached for my water more than once. With the final minutes counting down, you’re rewarded with a gloriously cold compress on your forehead, the TSN turning point that allows you to push through.

Netflix and Sweat!

After unswaddling yourself, take a few minutes to reset, don’t try and leap out of your seat and go back to work. It’s crucial to give your body that time to come back to room temperature, so relax for a spell in the lounge, with orange slices, hot tea and all the water you can handle. While there’s no shower facilities on-site, Sue suggests skipping it for an hour, at least. Your body is still detoxing, so it’s best to let it do its thing before cleaning up.

Dew Sweat House

Notably, Dew Sweat House also gives away a free session to those who have just wrapped up cancer treatment (as to not interfere with current treatment). Love this!
Book your sweat session at Dew Sweat House here. Thanks for having me! All photos by Libby Roach.