Maple season, my favourite of the four seasons, is here. Whether you’re willing to trek out to the sugar shack and boil your own, or you’re good with grabbing a notch above pancake syrup at your grocery store, we can all get behind this fine Canadian export. Liquid gold, the sweetes nectar whatever you want to call it, maple syrup is a daily indulgence in this house. Whether I’m shuffling into my salad dressings, layering it onto pancakes or infusing it into a marinade, Maple Syrup is proof there is a god. Think I went too far? Nah, me either.

Chicken wings are where it’s at, a crowd pleaser and easy dish to whip up during the week. These wings add a little dash of oomph courtesy the Chinese Five Spice.


1 1/2 lbs of Chicken Wings- drums & flats
1/2 cup of Dark Maple Syrup (I prefer Forbes)
1 tbsp Hoisin Sauce
1/2 tbsp Low-Sodium Soy Sauce
1 tsp Five Spice Powder
1 tsp Sriracha Sauce (optional)
Salt + Pepper
Canola Oil for

Pre-heat oven to 425ยบ.
Set wings aside. Combine all other ingredients above in a bowl. Place in refrigerator. Cook wings on a tray sprayed with canola oil in the oven (or better yet, on the BBQ or smoker) for 10 minutes, then flip. Cook for 5 more minutes, remove from oven and toss in sauce. Cook for another 2 minutes and remove from oven. Serve with extra Sriracha Sauce or a dilly dip (sour cream/cream cheese magic).