SIAL is a hub of innovation and product information, an industry trade show for everyone who works with food or even just loves to eat. Innovative new products are unveiled, sampled, scored and some will even go home winners, with SIAL awarding prizes for the SIAL Innovation awards.
To celebrate the new and best in food, here are some of the top 5 things happening at SIAL :

The International Cheese Competition by SIAL is the very first international cheese competition in Canada. Cheese profesionnals and local chefs will award a Gold Medal to the best cheese in each of the 26 selected categories. The champions will be awarded “Best in Show!” during a ceremony held at the Cheese by SIAL pavillon.
When: Tuesday, April 30 – 10AM – 4PM, Cheese by SIAL # 2243
The SIAL Innovation Awards Ceremony (Activity)
The SIAL Innovation competition is a unique international competition that rewards the best innovations in food and non-food related products, following 4 criteria: packaging, manufacturing process, merchandising and recipe. 3 grand-prize winners Gold, Silver and Bronze will be awarded in 3 special categories: organic, packaging and the 2019 novelty, Hopefuls prize.
When: Tuesday, April 30 – 10:30AM – 11:30AM, SIAL Innovation # 625

The Canadian Plate (Activity)
The Canadian Plate competition will challenge award-winning chefs to create a meal using ingredients from each province and territory. Kicking-off SIAL Toronto 2019 on April 30th, the challenge is a culinary competition that asks four chefs from across the country to create any dish they feel truly tastes like Canada, while also being sustainable, healthful, and just.
Chefs will tell the story of each ingredient they chose and how they culminate to form their idea of the “Canadian Plate.”
This year the competing chefs for the Canadian Plate have been selected from the Food Day Canada Good Food Innovation Gold Award recipients:
– Andrea Carlson of Burdock and Co. in Vancouver, British Columbia.
– Laura Maxwell of Le Sélect Bistro in Toronto, Ontario
– Josh Crowe of Monkland Taverne in Montreal, Quebec
– And Pierre Richard of Little Louis’ Oyster Bar in Moncton, New Brunswick.
When: Tuesday, April 30 – 11AM – 4PM, La Cuisine # 1049

Cannabis: Insights into the Next Frontier in Food (Conference)
Moderator: Mark Juhasz. The panel: Sylvain Charlebois, Professor in Food Distribution and Policy at Dalhousie University, Pierre Killeen, Strategic Business Development at HEXO, Michael McKenzie, Director of Seed to Sausage and Trina Farr, Director, Research & Development at HEXO

The panel will address the following 5 points:
1. What is the unique market opportunity with cannabis-infused edibles and beverages
2. What is leadership and innovation in this emerging sector, case study of Truss (a result of HEXO’s partnership with Molson Coors)
3. What is unique about the consumer journey with edibles distinct from other food and cannabis products
4. What technical elements to food product development do manufacturers need to consider?
5. What are the business development and regulatory considerations that manufacturers need to know about?
When: Wednesday, May 1 – 1:30PM -2:15PM #Salon 108

Sodas & Mocktails: The Beverage Revolution (Workshop)
High quality craft sodas are by all accounts one of the main coming big thing in beverage. They are flavourful, cheap to make, everyone can enjoy them. We will be able to serve multiple type of sodas and create as many as we want from scratch using SodaStream and a Beer Tap fridge fill with pre-made cocktail mix. We do not always want alcohol. Nor the calories. New generation sodas are highly profitable for bars and restaurants as the main cost in cocktail are the spirits. New brands of non alcoholic liquids such as Seedlip are rising, numerous syrups, craft sodas, kombuchas and the like are now available.
● Large scale soda programs
● The “Dos and Dont’s”
● How to balance a drink with no alcohol
● How to price a soda program
● The different contraptions to make bubbles
When: Thursday, May 2 – 1:30PM -2:30PM, Inspire Drink # 471