Forget the flowers and chocolates…no wait, bring those too! If steaming up the windows is your thing then time to escape with a few good reads! But if steaming up the pages of a book isn’t your thing…time to load up your latest titles Kobo eReader —bonus, no one will know what you’re reading!

Here are a few suggestions…

Deal with the Devil by Meghan March:

Excerpt: “You can put that man in a suit, but he’ll never be tame.” One look at Jericho Forge and I knew the rumors were true. He was a predator, and he had set his sights on me. I knew better than to bet more than I could afford to lose that night. I knew better than to bet myself. But desperation leads to bad decisions, and I thought there was no way I could lose.I was wrong. Now I have no choice but to make a deal with the devil. Deal with the Devil is the first book in the Forge Trilogy, and the wild ride continues in Luck of the Devil and concludes in Heart of the Devil.

Birthday Suit  by Lauren Blakely :

Excerpt: There is no rule in the Man Code as unbreakable as this: no matter how beautiful, smart, clever, and witty she is, do not—under any circumstances—fall in love with your best friend’s woman.

Pretty Little Player  by J. Kenner: 

Excerpt: Bedroom games are fine … but I need a woman who won’t play with my heart. After years in the military, I’ve faced down a lot of things, and there’s not much I’d shy away from. Except relationships. Because when you catch your wife in bed with another man, that tends to sour even the most hardened man against women.

Royally Yours  by Emma Chase:

Princess Lenora Celeste Beatrice Arabella Pembrook had an unusual childhood. She was raised to be a Queen—the first Queen of Wessco. It’s a big deal. When she’s crowned at just nineteen, the beautiful young monarch is prepared to rule. She’s charming, clever, confident and cunning. What she isn’t…is married.

It’s her advising council’s first priority. It’s what Parliament is demanding, and what her people want. Lenora has no desire to tie herself to a man—particularly one who only wants her for her crown. But compromises must be made and royals must do their duty. Even Queens. Especially them.

Pucked Love  by Helena Hunting: 

Excerpt: As an NHL player, relationships haven’t been my thing. Shrouded in secrecy and speculation, they never last very long. But then that’s what happens when you require an NDA before the first date. Until Charlene. She’s like a firefly. She’s elusive, and if you catch her she’ll burn bright, but keeping her trapped dulls her fire and dims her beauty. I caught her. And as much as I might want to keep her, I’ll never put the lid on her jar. Not at the risk of losing her. So I’ve let her set the rules in our relationship. But as long hidden secrets expose us both, I discover exactly how fragile Charlene is, and how much I need her. We’re all broken. We’re all messed up. Some more than others. Me more than most.

I Owe You One by Sophie Kinsella

Okay, for those of us who just like a light and fun read that doesn’t involve blindfolds and sex toys, we turn to bestselling author Sophie Kinsella (Shopaholic series, Can You Keep A Secret?, My not so Perfect Life) for her latest novel I Owe You One.

Synopsis: Fixie  is that person who’s always there for everyone to make things right. So when a handsome stranger in a coffee shop asks her to watch his laptop for a moment, Fixie not only agrees, she ends up saving it from certain disaster. To thank her, the computer’s owner, Sebastian, scribbles her an IOU – but of course Fixie never intends to call in the favour. That is, until her teenage crush, Ryan, comes back into her life and needs her help – and Fixie turns to Seb. But things don’t go according to plan, and now Fixie owes Seb: big time.


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Got any other steamy read recommendations? Let us know!