Spring running season is upon us. With new outfits and gear dropping daily, we are feeling inspired to dial up the distance this month! New for west-coast fitness gurus, Lululemon has launched its first-ever running shoe. Specifically designed to fit women’s feet, Lululemon’s Blissfeel Running Shoe boasts innovation and style in one sweet little package.

The kicks are certified fresh. In nine decent colours (daringly, I bought white), the new line of shoes, only for women, is a bold move for this company. That’s right dudes, ladies are first for this launch. Setting you back $198, and backed by a unique 30-day no fuss return policy, Lululemon is betting you’re going to love them. And you should, with four years of rigorous tests and development going into these kicks, your fave legging shop is gaming on delivering a whole lot more.


Analyzing the data from literally millions of women’s feet, there’s major R&D baked into these sneakers. Naturally, Lululemon wants to get it right straight out of the gate. Infamous for their super soft leggings, the shoes follow a similar pedigree. Comfort is crucial, and Blissfeel lives up to the name. Offering a neutral support, they’re lightweight (a size 7 weighs only 251 grams). That balance of support and cloud-like coverage means your feet won’t get as tired and your recovery between runs is faster. The heel clip provides a comfortable snug fit ensuring you’re not sliding around which prevents blisters.

lululemon running shoes


The elevated heel is a cushion for joints, squishy and soft – like a Casper for your feet. The grip and traction are also on point, navigating cross country and slick city streets is a cinch in these shoes. The hills by me are intense (York Mills + Yonge Street in Toronto) and navigating the adjacent ravine knotted with tricky roots and steep cliffs was a snap.

But it all comes down to the little details for me. Perfectly perforated and designed to let your feet breathe, Blissfeel boasts a woven fabric meant for movement. There’s nothing worse than stopping to redo your laces midrun, I usually double-knot to avoid this disruption. Out of the six various runs I’ve completed in these shoes, I’ve never double-knotted and I’ve never had to stop and tie up my laces either. WIN! 👟 

lululemon blissfeel running shoes


Similar to Nike’s Ekin kicks, Lululemon‘s new 2022 drop features a hightop-style version that I absolutely adored on Nike’s discontinued model. Super snug ankle support and a sock like feel support the chargefeel mid workout shoe and the chargefeel low workout shoe. Look for those kicks to roll out this summer.

The first running shoe designed just for women is a signal the industry is shifting. Women’s feet are physically different, and that’s an important first step in acknowledging our needs are also different. Clunky and chunky won’t cut it. We deserve a fit that feels meant for us. Lululemon delivers on this.

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All images by Libby Roach.