Spring is here and I’m staring at my wardrobe with a bit of awkwardness. It’s been two years of spending time in cozy hoodies and leggings. No complaints (seriously, it was amazing) but now that the invitations are rolling in for work events and from friends eager to get out once again.  I’m wondering if it’s time to refresh my wardrobe and what ways I can incorporate what I have to make things look more updated? Enter in my friend Hailey Verity, style consultant for every woman.

Hailey works with a variety of women for a number of reasons.  She tells us they all seem to have one thing in common. “Somewhere along the road, their focus has shifted away from themselves and onto other amazing aspects of their lives (successful careers, families, partners). These women realize that it is time to make that shift back as the clothes that are hanging in their closet are no longer a true reflection of them, their lifestyle or their body.”

Her background in teaching and coaching, paired with her 11 years in personal styling, allows her to make a big impact on the community of women that she serves. Helping them rediscover who they are and how to project that confidently into the world is what draws her client base.  “I am often able to help clients to ‘unpack’ feelings about themselves (and their wardrobes!) and shed old thought patterns that are no longer serving them…right along with all the jeans that no longer fit!”

Her ultimate goal? Is to ensure that the woman that she sees reflected back at her in the mirror (hey there, beautiful!) matches who she now is on the inside.

Women turn to Hailey for style advice with special events like new headshots, corporate video shoots, mother of the bride capsule wardrobe are just a few examples. She’s also been hired to do a full wardrobe overhaul and everything in between. “Working with women to determine their needs/vision for themselves and then curate a styling experience that meets their objectives is the first step in our work together,” said Hailey.

As the Spring season rolls in, we were interested to learn what we can do to update our wardrobe without having to spend a fortune.

What are some of your favourite transition pieces of this season?

Hailey: Blazers and light knits. Layers are key as the weather starts to shift to Spring-like temperatures. There are so many great options out there right now. I am loving the updated blazer profile that almost reads as a spring coat – so versatile. Paired with a light knit sweater underneath and you’re in great shape to enjoy that mid-afternoon warmth that is so welcome at this time of year.

What colours are on your radar that we can easily inject into our staples?

Hailey: Greens, reds, blues, pinks – so many fabulous options!

Bright colours are having a moment for Spring and the approach on the runway is a monochromatic head-to-toe look – go big or go home!

If the coloured pantsuit is a bit more than you’d like to embrace, choosing one coloured statement piece to mix in with your neutrals is a good way to participate in this trend. A blazer, a shoe or a tank top/camisole are great pieces that you can enjoy while the trend is going strong, but you won’t be sad to let go of when you tire of it.

Colour Blocking is also back – in sweaters and shoes particularly.

Image provided by Hailey via Pinterest

Some of us are easing back to the office and  all of the sudden our wardrobes are feeling a bit dated. How can we quickly refresh our looks without investing in a huge overhaul?

Hailey: Choose one thing to update and mix in with your classics is a good place to start. Perhaps an updated trouser (they are likely higher waisted and wider in the leg since the last time that you shopped!) or shoe (pointy toes in flats and heels are making a post-pandemic comeback) will breathe some new life into the tried and true pieces that you already have in your wardrobe.


When it comes to accessories and jewellery, what are some trends you’re seeing for the upcoming months?

Hailey: Accessories are a simple way to elevate your outfit and make you look (and feel) put together. If you’ve shopped your closet and discovered some great pieces in there, accessories are a simple and cost effective way to update your wardrobe.

Crossbody bags by Stella & Dot

Crossbody bags continue to be a popular choice – perfect for going hands free as we venture back out into the world. There are great options available at all price points (from wipeable nylon to leather and everything in between). The trend of an interchangeable strap is a wonderful addition to this piece and a great way to add a pop of colour and a bit of personality.As for jewellery, there are 2 trends that I am seeing this Spring:

Chunkier pieces with pops of colour in necklaces, bracelets and earrings are having a moment right now. Beads or semi-precious stones in a variety of colours on a large scale – they feel quite organic in shape.

Also, finer pieces that have a “collected” or “curated” feel. Think mixed metals, a cluster of charms in a variety of materials (semi-precious stone, pearl, pave) as bracelets or long pendants. A refined boho, if you will.

I have a FREE download, where I share the 4 Must-Have Accessories For Every Woman’s Wardrobe. You can find it HERE. You can also check out all the gorgeous Stella & Dot items HERE.

Stella & Dot

We haven’t worn heels in uh two years. So, what about shoes? Are sneakers and booties still in style? If so, what kind of details are we looking at?

Hailey: Haha – one question that I ask the women that I work with is “what are you wanting to carry forward into this post-pandemic chapter and what are you happy to leave behind?” The number of times that heels comes up is immeasurable!

If a heel is for you, the block heel offers comfort and support and is still going strong. The profile is shifting back to a pointy toe and colour is big in footwear. It’s an easy way to incorporate a trend colour without being too invested!

Sneakers have become a classic and are appropriate across all age groups. By sneaker, I mean the fashion shoe, not the type of running shoe that you would wear to the gym. Sneakers, a blazer, a wider leg jean and a classic white tee continues to be great casual look.

Thicker soles in both sneakers and booties are on trend right now.

Booties are a wardrobe staple that don’t seem to be fading anytime soon!

One small tip to make your outfit look pulled together regardless of the shoe that you choose: take your favourites to your local cobbler and have them work their magic! Booties, in particular, are a workhorse in your closet and they often reflect that by looking worn and scuffed. Your shoes will come back looking as good as new – well worth the small investment!

Ecco Shoes

Cougar Shoes

So, how can our readers contact you should they want more of your magical styling tips and er…maybe a good overhaul of their closets? 

Hailey: Many of the women that I am working with right now are taking advantage of my “Seasonal Refresh” package – perfect for stepping into Spring (or back into the office) feeling confident and pulled together.  We work together over a few sessions (both virtual and in person, depending on location and/or comfort with COVID restrictions) to refine your Style Vision, shop your closet for outfits that are reflective of that Style Vision, create a wishlist for the pieces that need updating, and then pulling it all together so that stepping out the door is simple each and every day.  I have a few spots open for this season.  Book here (https://haileyverity.com/contact/) to book a complimentary 15 minute conversation with me.

The best places to find me are on my website (www.haileyverity.com), on Instagram (@hailey_verity) or LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/in/haileyverity/).

Hailey Verity is a Toronto–based certified coach and personal stylist.  Driven by helping women to restore their confidence and sense of self (typically after some serious life change, such as a return to the workplace after years away, a health challenge or a change in family circumstance), she founded Hailey Verity: Your Personal Style Coach.  Her mission is to provide the women that she serves with wardrobe solutions (with a side of life coaching) that supports them as they regain their confidence, level up their style, and feel good from the inside out.

Before devoting herself full time to her Personal Style Coach business, Hailey served as an educator as well as a mentor and top ambassador in a Direct Sales ladies’ accessories company, (seeing success as one of the top 3% in sales, having personally sold almost half a million dollars in sparkle in her career with them).

When she’s not coaching and styling fabulous women, you’re likely to find Hailey curled up with a book on her dock at the cottage, baking up her almost-famous blueberry cake or playing cards with her three fantastic children.