Suffering from Spring Allergies? You’re not alone. With every gust of wind, nature’s confetti fills the air, inviting allergic reactions to join the party. It’s a tough time for those who suffer, and for those who live with them. Hello snoring!

So, grab your tissues and allergy potions, and let’s navigate this blooming maze with a sniffle and a smile!

Get Those Spring Allergies on Lockdown

Spring allergy havens can vary depending on factors such as climate, geography, and local flora. Some regions known for their lush landscapes and diverse plant life may pose greater challenges for allergy sufferers during the spring season. Additionally, areas with certain types of trees or grasses that produce large amounts of pollen can exacerbate allergy symptoms for those affected.

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Common symptoms of spring allergies include sneezing, runny or stuffy nose, itchy or watery eyes, and congestion. People with spring allergies may find relief by staying indoors during peak pollen times, using air purifiers, taking allergy medications, and avoiding known triggers.

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Maintaining a clean and tidy home can of course make a powerful dent in those indoor pollutants. But dusting, sweeping and mopping yourself can be a warzone for your sinus cavity. If you can invest in a high-powered vacuum, do it. Ensure it has a filter and maybe ask someone else to dump it out so you don’t have to!

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Individuals with allergies need to be aware of local pollen counts and take appropriate precautions to manage their symptoms, especially during peak allergy seasons like spring. If you can stay inside, do it!

Wearing a mask can help, ditto for sunglasses. Really, the more you can protect and cover up your skin and hair the less pollen and agitators you’ll invite inside your home.

And, as soon as you are home, rinse off in the shower. Wash clothes in warm water, use an extra rinse when necessary.

Treating Spring Allergies – Next-Level Options to Consider

Sublingual immunotherapy is an allergy treatment that works by exposing the person to small doses of an allergen. Testing is mandatory to ensure you receive the right therapy. Sublingual immunotherapy is a relatively new approach to delivering allergy immunotherapy. The medicine is placed under the tongue instead of injected under the skin.

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My daughter has taken this drug orally for her second year (she requires 3 years of treatment, for 3 months at a time). The transformation was massive. It wasn’t easy. You’re introducing the allergen into your face. Her mouth would be itchy, eyes watering. It was ROUGH. The first two weeks we almost took her off the treatment, but P rallied. By starting the treatment months before her allergy season began, she was night and day for when those Birch trees began booming.

This year, we can already tell it’s going to work way better. And hopefully, next year will be her last. For life!

All images by Libby Roach.