The Chief title is never handed out lightly. So, the recent announcement of Steve Aoki’s appointment as Orangetheory’s Chief Music Officer hit fitness enthusiasts like a runner’s high! Known for their beat-thumping, shirt soaking, super motivating HIIT-inspired workouts, Steve is now in charge of a new monthly ‘All Out With Aoki’ setlist guaranteed to make it rain.

Coordinating a fast-paced BPM with a heart-rate based workout is the secret sauce of Orangetheory’s success. In honour of Steve Aoki’s first ‘All Out With Aoki’, which launches March 26th across North America, we tapped Chief Brand Officer Kevin Keith for what we can expect from this eclectic DJ set.


Speaking from Orangetheory’s hometown headquarters in Boca Raton, Florida, Kevin and his team tackle the innovation and evolution behind each workout. If you’re a member already, you know what he’s talking about: Dri-Tri, Hell Week, Marathon Month, Transformation Challenge…the key to any great workout is to never stop challenging yourself, something definitely employed from Kevin’s playbook.

With a background in brands and a guru of marketing for companies like Ogilvy and Coca-Cola, Kevin’s been with Orangetheory for five years, but as a member of over seven years, he respects and trusts the process of living a better life through staying active.


“I had diabetes when I was young, so I learned that diet and exercise are very important for my quality of life. I of course had a personal connection to fitness transforming my life for the better so it was an easy fit for me as a marketer because I felt really passionate about it.”

Kevin Keith, Chief Brand Officer, Orangetheory ® Fitness

Sticking to the More Life mantra, it’s clear to see the connection Keith has with living the OT life, something he shares with Steve, who’s a fitness enthusiast and Orangetheory member himself. A living testament to their respective hectic paces, Orangetheory acts as an equalizer for anyone looking to find an accountable way to exercise. Steve bridges the intensity of the workouts with his music. “There is a strong parallel between the energy at my shows and how Orangetheory coaches light up their own classes every day – my new setlists are meant to enhance this already amazing workout,” offers the DJ.


While musical preferences run the gamut, Aoki aims to bring his iconic sound to each class. Once a month, members can book in for an original setlist curated by the internationally known DJ, one Keith sought out for his ability to blend today’s beats with some classic earworms. “Steve pulls on everyone from Backstreet Boys to BTS to Blink 182. It’s not just EDM. It’s really eclectic,” says Keith.

I love the targeted workouts, and knowing what you’re getting into before you get down to do it! Adding steam to the More Life mission statement, members are going to love this invitation to level up and to bring your friends and family to join you for a sweat session that isn’t just a pump and dump. As Kevin certifies, “the more time you spend inside our studios doing the workout you’re going to have a better life outside those doors. The campaign is in its fourth year, and this year it will have a different vibe and energy, supporting More Life and rooted in that promise.”

orangetheory fitness


Basically, as someone who has burned through my fair share of splat points, both from home and in-studio, the constant innovations and evolutions of Orangtheory workouts keep me coming back for more. Look for more investments and technology upgrades coming to the heart rate monitor and overall OT experience later this year. The benchmark has never burned brighter!

Contact your local Orangetheory to book in for the All out with Aoki workout.

Interview may be edited for length/clarity.