Soul 7 has an agenda. Tucked into a former law office in Yorkville, this space is a safe haven for those looking for a mindful approach to tackling health and wellness. Created by a former lawyer Bob Berman, Soul 7 is dedicated to the belief that everyone has the ability to heal, and conventional medicine isn’t always the best way. Bridging the gap between new age hippy vibes and high tech healing, Soul 7’s mantra allows for personal exploration on your health minded mission.

Soul 7- Frequency Water

Each journey is catered to your individual needs. Suffering from insomnia? There’s a treatment for that. Digestive issues? Check. Anxiety? Yup. But even deeper than that, Soul 7 reports they’ve had success treating cancer patients, and those with other serious illnesses too. It seems far fetched to consider the reach that alternative therapies can offer, but there’s research to back this claim. Health Canada approves many of these methods, adding weight to the argument if the therapies work or not. They do. On simplest terms, actively sitting still and meditating has proven health benefits, so adding some intention with that purpose can only net more wins.

Relax, refresh, rejuvenate.

So what can you expect? Each of your senses will be invited to guide you through the healing process; chakra balancing lights, earthy lavender, singing meditation bowls, temperature specific frequency water, soft cozy blankets and smooth crystals, it’s all yours to explore in an effort to detox from, well, life. Even if you have no prevalent health concerns, we all carry the weight of the world on our shoulders, it’s the pursuit of the connection of mindfulness that can prevent illnesses from even happening in the first place.

Soul 7- Located in Yorkville.

So what was the effect? After a willy-wonka-esque flashback, with whale sounds and trippy colours permeating in and out of convex sunglasses, you emerge new, fresh, relaxed and maybe a little zoned out too. It was terrific. We’re all searching for ways to manage, stress, anxiety, life…if you stumble upon something that sets you back on the right path that isn’t self destructive, celebrate it.
Thanks Soul 7 for the introduction to alternative healing!