While most of us are struggling to remember if it’s Civic, Simcoe, Terry Fox Day or just another holiday Monday, it honestly doesn’t matter *that* much. Nestled in between profusely patriotic Canada Day, and I’m-already-nostalgic-for-summer-and-it’s-not-even-over yet Labour Day, it’s mostly irrelevant personal what you’re celebrating. But an excuse to celebrate, is a cause for celebrations regardless of the reason.

S’more Magic

Summer is short, there’s just no way around that fact. But this summer seems somehow even shorter, somehow more precious than before. I’ve had my passport safely stowed away, there’s no pulling me south with temps this high. And with tariffs on the horizon and trade wars brewing, it’s only natural to want to pledge your allegiance to something made locally. While many American friends have shrugged shoulders and offered raised eyebrows at our collection of Canadian chocolate bars (NOT CANDY, NO), I can safely pat myself on the back knowing that we have the goods up here (you can keep your Whatchamacallits). So why not incorporate that into the campfire fun? We remixed our fave Nestle chocolate bars with toasted marshmallows, giving bubbly Aero bars and crunchy Coffee Crisps the fireside treatment.

I can’t bring myself to actually call this a recipe, so go with your gut. Crush up your Coffee Crisps, roll your marshmallows in Smarties. There’s no wrong way to do it- summer is short, finish on a sweet note!

Photos by Libby Roach.