Beauty serums are liquid gold…well, not literally, but they are. I am a big fan and use them religiously. Serums help give the skin concentrated nutrients and are created to address what our skin needs. The results can often be seen within days and long term benefits are even more impressive. But finding the right serum for you can be overwhelming. So, how do you decide?

Often when I go for any professional skincare treatment I’m asked to think of my top three skin concerns. Experts will address those in addition to what they can see my skin needs. So, when it comes to selecting my own skincare products, I take the same top three approach. I’m also not shy about asking skin care professionals for their advice.

Here are a few common skin concerns…

  • fine lines
  • dryness
  • wrinkles
  • dark spots
  • hyperpigmentation
  • redness
  • sensitivity
  • acne
  • dullness/texture
  • brightening

There’s a ton of scientifically supported research available on skin care products worth exploring. There are ingredients that are proven to help address certain needs. Information overload is not a bad thing but remember the source.  If you turn to beauty bloggers or “influencers”  for their opinions, take a look at someone that you can relate with. That is, someone who is closer to your age who may have similar skin concerns, their lifestyle, and see how long they’ve used a skincare product for before they’ve posted up a review. Also, did they get paid by the brand? Be wary (also, make up reviews are very different from skincare).

So, I have a hyperpigmentation condition (melasma) that I often openly talk about. It’s my number one skin concern. It is a common skin condition amongst many women especially post-pregnancy. Mine was severe. I went for some pretty intensive in-clinic treatments  and was told by the dermatologists that ongoing care (and SPF) was necessary to prevent it from getting worse.  I also learned that the condition would never go away 100% (it’s hella stubborn!) but  there were ingredients in skincare products that could help me manage and maintain. By the way, I got a little too wanting of a suntan last summer under lockdown and after a day of direct sun exposure and no SPF the condition came back yelling at me. Ugh. Never again. All my efforts up to that point served as a reminder that my diligence worked. Now, if I want that “sun kissed” glow, there are products  that offer that.

But back to serums! I recently tried the new Radford Beauty’s BOOST VITAL C E Ferulic Acid Serum (they had me at vitamin C and E!). After using it consistently for well over a month now my skin is brighter and noticeably more even toned. But there is much more packed into this bottle.

*Source: Radford Beauty

I used this serum religiously (morning and nighttime) for over a month now as part of my daily skin care routine. By the way, I’ve been exclusively used Canadian clean beauty brand, Radford Beauty Skincare (except for my SPF) created by Victoria Radford, make up artist and skin therapist. Not only do I love her energy (she feels like your BFF), and her products but I love that she incorporates “real everyday people” like you and I into her campaigns. The brand doesn’t shy away from featuring people who have real skin concerns and give the space to really show how her products work along their journey.

So, here’s my current daily routine…

Morning Skincare Routine:

  1. Radford Beauty’s CLEAN Vitamin C Active Clay Gel
  2. Radford Beauty’s BOOST Vital C E Serum
  3. Radford Beauty’s EYE Visibly Bright Hydrating Repair Cream
  4. Radford Beauty’s FACE Daily Moisturizer
  5. Radford Beauty’s TINT Daily Skin Perfector (or Vivier SPF50 or Erno Laszlo Phelityl Day Lotion SPF15)

Evening Skincare Routine: 

  1. Radford Beauty’s CLEAN Vitamin C Active Clay Gel
  2. Radford Beauty’s BUFF Daily Enzyme Exfoliant
  3. Radford Beauty’s AHA Lactic Toning Gel
  4. Radford Beauty’s BOOST Vital C E Serum
  5. Radford Beauty’s EYE Visibly Bright Hydrating Repair Cream
  6. Radford Beauty’s FACE Daily Moisturizer


Within days of incorporating this serum into my regime my skin appeared brighter, smoother and more supple. Skin tone is noticeably even, especially when I wake up in the morning. For years I would wake up with red blotchy skin but now it’s calmer. I still have a stubborn dark spot that goes beyond the surface. I never expect that to go away unless I head back into a MediSpa for some sort of laser or chemical peel. I’m happy with the stage that I am now.

A fun little bonus was what I found with the bottle design. The dropper itself moves with a bit of friction so that any excess serum stays inside the bottle. Which means precious serum accidentally drips out. It’s a little thing but a big thing, know what I mean?

BOOST Vital C E Serum 30 mL ($110 Cdn) is available through Radford Beauty online or at their Yorkville Studio.

My no filter no make up face (other than eye liner and lipstick)

Full disclosure I was first introduced to Radford Beauty two years ago and was given a few sample products to try. Not only did I see results but so did everyone else around me. I became a regular paying customer and big fan of the line. I was not paid to write this review (I don’t believe  reviews should be paid for, call me old school) but I was part of a testing group that was offered the product for initial feedback. I continue to use it to this day.