If you’re planning to head south this winter to a sunny destination, lucky you! But also, do you need to adjust your skincare regime? It may be obvious to ALWAYS wear sunscreen but if you’re a fan of serums and other skincare products what should you bring along?

At a recent event with Dermalogica Canada I had a chance to chat with Dee Vining, lead education expert for the skincare brand, about her must-haves when it comes to skincare and sunny destinations.

Sunscreen is a must for the body but also for the face. However, you’ll want to pay attention to the product descriptions if you are searching for a sunscreen that has been formulated for both body and face if that’s your preference.

Dermalogica protection 50 sport, for example, can be used all over and great for those who are active and need a water-resistant sunscreen for up to 80 minutes. Its Oleosome Technology helps to defend skin against environmental damage and keeps skin hydrated.

For the face, there are several options. I mentioned to Dee that I have sensitive skin and often experience break-outs when I use sunscreen — I’ve tried MANY. On my recent vacation to St. Kitts I brought two different Dermalogica face SPF products she had recommended: Dermalogica dynamic skin recovery  SPF 50 and Dermalogica prisma protect SPF30 These two served me well and I did NOT experience break-outs using either of these. It may also be in part because I probably didn’t cleanse my face properly which I do now after learning from Dee.  I also didn’t notice “that sunscreen smell” if you know what I mean.

dermalogica - sunscreen - skin care

Dermalogica dynamic skin recovery  SPF 50 is a broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection moisturizer that’s amazing as it also hydrates and firms the skin while also adding benefits of minimizing signs of aging. dermalogica - sunscreen - skin care

Dermalogica prisma protect SPF30 is a multi-tasking moisturizer with antioxidants that also offers broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. I loved this one as it actually kept my skin continuously looking healthy, even-toned and moisturized.

Dee also recommends Dermalogica’s invisible physical defence mineral sunscreen for your face. “It’s SPF 30 which is probably lower than what you’re use to but keep reapplying every 90 minutes,” said Dee.  “That will prevent any heat from penetrating into your skin. It will also create a physical block that will protect you the UV rays.”

Not gonna lie, I also brought my Erno Laszlo Phelityl Day Lotion SPF15 which I wear at home. But I didn’t even use it on this trip as the two Dermalogica products worked well on my skin. And I still have nice hint of a tan with them. What was I thinking bringing along an SPF 15?! dermalogica - pre cleanse - skin care

Dermalogica Pre-cleanse is “the holy grail”, she tells us, when it comes to vacation because we wear so much sunscreen. “Pre-cleanse is the best thing to have when you’re on vacation when you’re layering sunscreen on all day,” said Dee. “It is the only thing that’s going to actually remove all of the sunscreen.” I did this every day while on vacation and have continued to do so now that I’m  home.

How to use it? Pump out pre-cleanse on clean and dry hands. Apply directly to dry face  and work it in for a minute. Then add water to it to form a milky consistency, keep massaging your skin for about minute and then wash it off. Then use your cleanser.

Dee also recommends repeating this at night before bed if you had to wear makeup for dinner. You’ll need to remove everything again to have clean, bare skin. Then when you’re putting on your nighttime treatments your skin is not having to battle anything that’s left on the surface.

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So, what about retinol while on your beach vacation?

Dee tells me to leave it at home as much as I adore the brand’s new dynamic skin retinol serum (review here). She actually advises to stop using ANY retinol products at least three days prior to going on vacation as it’s very sensitive to sun exposure.

Dermalogica circular hydration serum with hyaluronic acid  (I brought this one with me and continued to use it when I returned home) or biolume c serum are great options while vacationing in sunny destinations. You can use them both morning and night. If so, use the circular hydration serum first then the biolume on top of it. “You’re going to get that juicy Vitamin C protection from the biolume especially because you’ve been in the sun a lot and exposed to free radicals and maybe have some possible sun damage, it will protect you against that. The circular hydration will help to replenish any lost moisture.”

I brought a couple of face moisturizers along with me including AlumierMD HydraCalm that I layered over Dermalogica circular hydration serum as well as AlumierMD Recovery Balm just in case I over did my sun exposure.

Dermalogica skin perfect primer has a bit of a tint and also has SPF 30 in it so you can apply it to give you a light coverage as oppose to a heavier foundation while on vacation. I don’t bother wearing any kind of foundation myself unless I have an event to check in to.

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For my body, I brought a tube of L’Occitane’s rich shea butter moisturizing cream and began applying that after each day in the sun. When I returned home I switched to Dermalogica phyto replenish body oil to help calm, nourish and moisturize the skin and leave a lovely glow.  It is a favourite of mine as it absorbs quickly and has a light uplifting all-natural orange blossom, neroli and bergamot scent. It also helps to keep my sunkissed skin from feeling/looking dry now that I’m back in the colder temperatures.

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