Hitting the reset button to rollout a new year is almost as expected as champagne at midnight on New Year’s eve. But there is a reason why a new year unlocks the promise of a new start. And that’s where Shape and Foster comes in. Their newly launched app celebrates the strength of togetherness, and the connectedness of approaching daily struggles with the support of a group of industry experts, combined with a forum of participants that share your plight.

Six experts. Actionable insight. One community. Their mission statement is bold, and to the point. We spoke with their experts to tap them for advice and energy to lead us into a brighter 2021.

Morgan Daloisio, Yoga Instructor

Find a platform, teacher, or style that is suitable for you— where you are in your yoga journey!

There are so many yoga memberships surfacing the web right now. It’s easy to explore and find your new go-to. 

Jass Stupak, Holistic Nutritionist CNP

Swap conventional tea for organic tea. 

Conventional tea is filled with pesticides, toxins, and unwanted chemicals. Organic is the real deal and will have a therapeutic result on the body!

Ty McDonald, Athletic Trainer

Learn to use your heart more

In the most LITERAL sense! Our hearts, like our brains, are vital to our livelihood. However, we tend to neglect and abuse it in ways such as poor eating habits or suboptimal exercising. Make it a key focus this year to regularly get your heart rate up to strengthen it! All you need to accomplish this is to increase the body’s demand for oxygen, which will in turn require the heart to work harder. Try holding a plank for as long as you can, three times. Or, try sprinting on the spot for 10 seconds, every minute on the minute, for give minutes straight. Even things as short and simple as these can have a profound effect on your heart health. 

shape and foster

Shinobu Hindert CFP®, Financial Expert 

Set financial date nights

If you’re planning with a partner, whip out those calendars and set a recurring financial date for at least 30 minutes once a month. Grab a latte, cuddle up next to your beau and stare into those dreamy…numbers. Believe it or not, geeking out with each other to align your money values and share financial goals will create intimacy. If you’re planning your finances solo, grab a friend and coordinate a time to co-work with your money. You don’t have to share all the details but an accountabilibuddy (say that 3x fast!) will help make this a healthy habit. 

Christina Rowland, Certified Life Coach

Start sharing your goals.

We often avoid telling people what we are working on for fear of actually being held accountable! Get supported by people in your life by sharing with them what you’re up to and why. Not only will this help keep you accountable, but it’s also a way of manifesting what you want. The more you speak the words out loud, the more likely you are to believe in your ability to make it happen. And the more people know what you’re up to, the more likely they will be to think of you when a relative opportunity arises!

Tania Da Silva, Mental Health Professional

Name one thing you want to do that scares you this coming year.

Put it in the calendar, decide it’s happening and move from the decision phase to the action phase without looking back.

Find out more on Shape and Foster and their robust platform, and seven day free trial, available on both Android and iOS here.

All photos by Libby Roach.