From camping, cottages and being stuck in the city (hello, pollution, or is that forest-fire smoke?) your skincare takes a hit during the summer. Because rigorous routines fall by the wayside, simple skincare is the cure to your most common concerns. Sun damage, dehydration, and congested skin are never in season. With a little help from a pro, and some timely new products, we have the solutions for your skincare woes this summer.


We spoke to a skincare expert and the owner of the new Toronto Spa, AMAN Spa, Thom Tullo. Thom has a distinct approach to keeping pores pristine. His rules are simple: always double cleanse, always an eye cream or gel as a first layer (he suggests 111Skin’s Celestial Black Diamond Contour Gel) and then layer on products depending on season and condition as you see fit.

While his routine runs from 6-10 products and treatments each evening, you can still employ a similar daily strategy from home. No matter your budget, revived and refreshed skin never goes out of style. With a little time and attention, the skin of your dreams awaits.

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aman spa- thom tullo
Thom Tullo- Founder- AMAN Spa

As Thom says, it all starts with a good cleanse. Double-cleansing, with good quality products that offer differing benefits is a safe start. Start with Hexam by Vivier ($56), a gentle foaming cleanser designed to purify pores without over-drying. This light cleanser goes on like a dream, removing grime and makeup with ease. If you’re looking for something slightly more granular, Tatcha has you covered with its The Deep Cleanse Gentle Exfoliating Cleanser ($54). This oil-free cleanser made from Japanese luffa fruit has a slight exfoliating property and morphs from a gel to a foaming cleanser.

If you can’t bring yourself to that extra step, consider boscia’s new MakeUp-BreakUp Cool Cleansing Oil ($52). This remarkable product goes on dry skin. Simply massage gently to remove makeup and dirt. Add water to emulsify into a milky nourishing cleanser.

simple summer skincare- face wash
Double cleanse to start the day and reset skin at night before bed


Serums are a logical next step, but Thom has more advice: never put product onto dry skin, “You need liquid for it to be absorbed into the skin directly- it’s like a portal for the skin.” Retinol, vitamin C and hyaluronic acids are all popular products that deliver excellent results. Algenist ups the ante on serums with the introduction of its patented Alguronic Acid®. The Genius ($95) line lives up to its name, bringing super-powered retinol formulated with Bisabolol, an essential oil from German chamomile flowers that are known to provide skin-soothing benefits.

simple summer skincare serums

Follow up with Ultimage Hydrating Gel from Vivier ($150). Apply your retinol or other targeted serums followed by 1-2 pumps of Ultimage™ once or twice daily. Hyaluronic Acid and Neuropeptides provide luscious hydration that seals in moisture and prepares for the next step. Pro tip! Always layer products on from thinnest to thickest to support absorption.

A delightfully thin layer that does double-duty belongs to boscia 0.6% Pro-Retinol repair+renew ($67). Made for sensitive skin types, this lightweight waterless formula works overtime to reduce fine lines and brighten dark spots. It’s also super hydrating making it a good layer to go on before the next steps.


boscia- simple summer skincare

With skin cleaned and prepped, your next step is to lock in those layers with a generous dollop of your favourite moisturizer. boscia Green Tea oil-free moisturizer ($28) is a feather-light blend that boasts antioxidant-rich Japanese Green Tea as a main ingredient. Good for oilier skin types, this moisturizer calms redness and controls oil production.

Keep the Tsubaki™ Swirl ($30), a two-part swirled gel and cream moisturizer duo in the fridge for an instant-face refresher. Because of its gel swirl this cream goes on like a dream, without being too heavy or clogging pores.

simple summer skincare eye cream

If it’s the end of the evening, and you’re taking it all off, Thom suggests concentrating on your eyes before moisturising. If it’s night, treat the eyes right. Known for its proprietary essence, La Mer The Eye Concentrate ($340) is a bit of a bank-breaker but is a cult-status eye cream for a reason. Its rich formula is made of Concentrated Miracle Broth™, a super-sciency patented blend that was created originally as a cure for burn victims.

Vivier has solved the dreaded puffy eye look with its revitalizing formula made with Vitamin C and Pro-Vitamin B5. Radiant Eye Contour Cream ($108) soothes and hydrates to restore a youthful glow.