Hey, Did you know that you can find brand new, often unboxed, things on the Kijiji app? Think iPhones, Apple Watches, Kitchen Aids and Macbook Pros or gaming laptops, often still in the original, unopened box. There are endless options for new and new to you gifts. It’s holiday shopping time and most of us are feeling the crunch but that doesn’t mean we can’t still buy showstopper gifts for our friends and family. Whether you are running out of time or your budget is a bit tight or you just want to reduce your carbon footprint, Kijiji is a great option.

Canadians sell brand new things that they might have been given and haven’t even opened yet. Maybe they bought a new exercise bike on a whim and never got around to setting it up. There are also companies who sell things on Kijiji for discounted prices. Before you buy something from a store at retail prices, check Kijiji to see if you can find what you are looking for for a better price. 

I highly recommend using the app as it makes life so much easier. You can search by city or by GPS location so it will only find things in your defined area. Set the radius that you are willing to travel to pick up something. You can also set min/max prices and other parameters.

There are new espresso machines available starting at $80 or how about a new video game controller for as low as $5? I have used Kijiji to find rare War Hammer guys and a limited edition D&D rule book in the past that was no longer in production. Last week, there were about 7,000 searches on the platform for rare Pokémon cards alone – so you can bet someone on your list would be thrilled to receive these. My son said it is his #1 source for rare gaming items.

I downloaded the Kijiji app and looked for some of the hottest gift items on my own list and here is what I found:

For the gamer in your life:

Pulse 3D Wireless Gaming Headset for Playstation 5 – retails for $130

I found a brand new set in the box in Montreal for $80 and another set used once for 20 minutes for $50 in Toronto

Kijiji saw over 4,200 searches for Le Creuset on their platform in the past week, so we feel confident this is a popular gift idea. A Le Creuset French Press retails for $100 if you buy retail.

Here is one in Niagara Falls, brand new, never been used, still in original box in sage for $20.

Have any fitness/workout fans on your shopping list? Exercise equipment is always a popular gift, especially around the holidays but can be very expensive. Weights were searched for 44,000 times in just one week recently. I found this set of kettle bells that retails for $129.99 on offer for $60

iPhones are also another really popular gift item but buying one brand new from the Apple Store is incredibly expensive. On Kijiji, you can find all kinds of iPhones. I found so many great deals that I lost track. Same goes for Apple Watches, iPads and AirPods

The Kijiji app is available for IOS or Android and makes it even easier to find what you are looking for. You can add items to favourites while searching so it’s quick to find it again. Just set your location and get shopping!

Sponsored post alert: I am really happy to work with Kijiji to share this information with you!