Our multi-level home has several different floor and carpet surfaces. We also have a year-round shedding dog that has made vacuuming a daily ritual. So, putting vacuums and floor cleaners to the test has almost become a hobby of sorts. We’ve tried many and I’m sure I can start an entire blog on cleaning floors alone. The latest vacuum to enter our living space is The Shark Cordless Detect Pro Vacuum

What first drew me to this vacuum was the ability to clean multi-surfaces, the odor neutralizer, and the ability to empty itself. Also, having a competitor’s vacuum with a light “detect” technology already for the past few years was a serious game changer. It would only be a matter of time when other brands would try and catch on. I was wondering if this Shark vacuum would offer the same technology but at a lower price point for consumers.

So, let’s dive in!

What it does:

The Shark Cordless Detect Pro Auto-Empty System features 4 deep cleaning technologies that detect and react to dirt. It automatically empties and charges while in place, so it’s always ready for the next clean. No need to manually empty after every clean. Odour Neutralizing Technology guards against bad odours.

MSRP: $599.99

What floor surfaces we have:

Our floor surfaces at home run the gamut of textures and surfaces. Area rugs, wall-to-wall carpeting, hardwood, tile, marble, and slate. We have a different vacuum for every floor. The one on the main floor has the most variety of surfaces. So, ideally one vacuum to do all would be ideal.

I’ve always preferred cordless especially for harder to reach areas. My corgi’s shedding seems to reach the furthest and most peculiar corners so the central vacuum system’s hose doesn’t always reach where I need it to.

Shark Cordless Detect Pro auto Empty System 2023 - Sonya

What’s in the Box:

  • Cordless Vacuum
  • Base
  • Odor Neutralizer
  • Crevice Nozzle

Set Up:

Instructions are simple enough to assemble. Base needs to be near an electric outlet. The additional crevice nozzle has a holding spot on the base when not in use. The vacuum itself rests and charges on the base when not in use. The odour neutralizing puck needs to be removed from its sealed canister and dropped into place on the base unit prior to using.

What we discovered:

The head of the vacuum does not need to be swapped out for different surfaces. Its built in technology recognizes different surfaces and adjusts itself for more efficient cleaning: DirtDetect, EdgeDetect, FloorDetect, and LightDetect. You can also hear the vacuum when it adjusts for areas that have more dirt. For example, our front door where it’s a high traffic area with dirt from shoes, boots and dog fur that gets trapped in the welcome area mat.

Shark Cordless Detect Pro auto Empty System 2023 - Sonya

The dirt canister, while appears small can hold a lot. A clear view allows the user to keep an eye on the amount of dirt captured. As it gets to the recommended full, just return it to the base and it will automatically be emptied into the larger bagless canister. This eliminating the need to get your hands dirty as often.

HEPA filter and anti-allergen complete seal ensures that fine particles of dust and allergens stay trapped within the unit.

The odour neutralizing technology is a great feature. No longer do I have air blowing back out of the vacuum that smells like wet dog. Know what I mean? Nor do we detect any odours coming from the base itself which holds the trapped fur and dirt smell.

Shark Cordless Detect Pro auto Empty System 2023 - Sonya

The light itself isn’t quite the same technology as my other vacuum that makes every speck of dust and hair glow in the dark. But it does light up dark corners and underneath furniture that’s harder to see.

No hair wrap! Aside from our dog having lots of hair so do I…and lots of it! So, it’s a bonus to see that my long strands do not get wrapped around the brushroll.

Shark Cordless Detect Pro auto Empty System 2023 - Sonya

Long running battery. I have yet to wear out the battery in one use. I often will take up to 30 minutes in vacuuming the main floor alone. Not because we have a mansion by any stretch but with the light detect you tend to see more than without. Plus, to be honest, vacuuming is therapeutic for me. lol

What else should you know?

I really put it to the test as the fall season had my family traipse in dried leaves that have fallen to the ground and stuck on their boots. Also, with the first snow fall came the first truck load of salt that has been left on the public sidewalks that have made their way into our front hallway somehow. This vacuum sucked it all in seamlessly as I watched it churn up the leaves and not get stuck in the vacuum stick. Phew.

While the suction didn’t sound like it was powerful enough, I had to retrain my ear to understand that this was not the case. Also, I had to run over area carpet with loops a few times to get out stubborn dog hair that would be woven in between. All good, it did a decent job of working out the hairs.

The cordless vacuum is convenient and lightweight and impressively does a great job at capturing dirt and debris off all surfaces I need it to.

Things to consider:

The odour neutralizer discs need to be ordered. I’ve had the vacuum for a month now and have just emptied the base unit for the first time. Not sure when the neutralizer will run out but will need to order those before it’s done.