Just in time for patio season, Marked Restaurant is making additions to its extensive cocktail menu. I sat down with Joshua Cartwright, Bar Manager at Marked, to find out about the new directions in which he is taking the cocktail programme.

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Marked’s Joshua Cartwright photo credit Daniel Neuhaus

Marked Restaurant and its Quest for the Best Sharable Cocktails

Marked’s menu is a love letter to South America. Joshua introduced me to two of the restaurant’s new offerings. Taking inspiration from the ethos of tapas-style dining, these cocktails are made and presented with sharing in mind.

The Eye of the Shipwreck is a stunner of a sipper. First, it appeals to the eye. Served from an enormous flask, tipped to one side, it evokes the image of a porthole on a ship that has come to rest at the bottom of the ocean. Through the glass, you can see the cocktail’s ingredients floating and bobbing.

marked restaurant
The Eye of the Shipwreck at Marked- Photography by Seiya

Next, the cocktail appeals to the nose. It has a complex aroma that makes you anticipate all the flavours to come. When I asked about trends in the earthy flavours of cocktails, Joshua said that diners and drinkers are looking for cocktail experiences that go beyond the options of sweet or sour, cocktails that will pair well with food. The earthy and umami aspects of this drink heighten the culinary appeal of the cocktail. Cocktails can adopt from wine culture the enormous variety of interest to the nose and the notion of good pairings with food.

We’ll Have What They’re Having

Finally, The Eye of the Shipwreck has the unique attribute of offering a sharable drink that evolves over time. Because the ingredients are mixed and steeping as you sip, the cocktail evolves in its flask, and each pour is different from the last. With rum at its heart, the cocktail draws on the flavours of the sea. There is an umami facet to evoke seaweed; wood and gentian give a nod to bark and driftwood; citrus keeps it fresh; and liquorice lends sweetness. As the cocktail evolves, you’re sharing not just the drink, but your impressions of its evolution.

With its towering height and visual dynamism, the Fifth Element sharable cocktail will have the other diners around you saying, “We’ll have what they’re having!” The Fifth Element takes its name from the concept that it is more than the sum of its parts. Flavours come from the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. The Fifth Element works its way through a cold brew coffee tower, gathering flavours as it goes. For fire, there is smoke and the heat of hot peppers; for earth, herbaceous notes of mint, basil and rosemary; for air, the cocktail aerates as it flows down onto the final element of water for dilution. A brilliant concept.

South American Inspiration

Of course, if it’s South American mainstays you’re after, Marked has you covered with its Pisco and Cachaca offerings. Taking influences from the cultures that mingle on the continent-Japan, Spain, Portugal and Mexico-Marked adds its stamp to the classic Pisco Sour and Caipirinha. Elevated non-alcoholic cocktails round out the inclusive hospitality.

Cheers to travels in a glass!

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