Ready or not, the masks are coming off, for some of us at least. As scary of a prospect as it is to see people’s teeth again, don’t let that force you back into hibernation. Instead, secure your healthy future with these stellar immunity boosters. Armed with science and blanketed by research-driven results, we did the heavy lifting for you. From sensational snacks, antioxidant-rich teas and immune-boosting vitamins, we got your bases covered.

immunity boosting vegetables


While fruit, nuts and a hard-boiled egg will probably always be our holy trinity of go-to-on-the-go snacking, sometimes you need a little something extra. For example, an old-school classic snack in your sack like Sesame Snaps. Newly launched with amaranth, quinoa, buckwheat and millet they’re a good source of fibre and provide 4g of protein per bar. Moreover, nutty notes are courtesy of the millet, which is known to support the body’s immune system and counteract free radicals. Protein-rich amaranth has even shown promise in increasing the activity of certain antioxidants that can protect the liver against alcohol.

firebelly tea springtime immunity

100% natural, Firebelly Teas come in an array of blends and flavour profiles. Designed to be the cure for what ails you, the boxed tea sets come in themed capsules for mindful brewing. Dubbed Downers, Uppers, and Green Means Go all bring their own flavour to the mix. In general, rich green teas are often high in antioxidants, which promote health and help reduce overall inflammation.

chosen foods sesame oil

When it comes to eating, we’re on a full-fat diet, thank you very much. Chosen Foods avocado oils are staples in our kitchen due to their key nutritional benefits. Boosted with monounsaturated fatty acids, which can promote heart health make it a natural fit. Pair with an MSC blue label to shop for ocean safe Omega 3 fish. Consult your local fishmonger or check with MSC for resources.


Essential for beauty and beyond, Collagen is your new best friend. Super dissolvable Neocell blends magnesium, zinc, vitamin C and hyaluronic acid to bolster and protect cells from free radicals. Easy to digest, this also supports your teeth and gums. Primarily taken for joint care and known as a beauty booster for nails, skin and hair, collagen is the youth elixir you seek. Disappearing in your 30s and 40s regenerate and rebuild while you still can!

natures solution vitamins

In addition to your daily collagen, amp up your routine with Nature’s Sunshine herbal medicines. There’s promising research suggesting the anti-inflammatory properties in herbal medicines may support your immune system. Introducing supplements to alleviate common health issues like sleep or anxiety is an easy add-on. Be sure to consult your medical professional before adding any to your diet.


🛏️ HTP as a sleep aid

💥 Ashwagandha for energy and stress reduction

🐈 Cat’s Claw for anti-inflammatory properties


Sleeping a solid eight hours and drinking all the water, eating well and taking your supplements is a solid start. But you can inspire a more holistic detox approach by triggering the body to release all those toxins. Science supports this easy, effective and traditional way of sweating it out. Super hot bath, icy cold plunge, rinse and repeat. Just don’t stay in the cold plunge for too long, 90 seconds is a sweet spot.

Enhance this and lean into the lounge lifestyle at Othership. Designed to bridge the gap between socializing and supporting wellness, Othership features hot and cold baths, sound meditation and guided therapy to bolster your and support your overall health. The immune system included!

All images by Libby Roach. Always speak to your medical professional before changing or altering your vitamins or adding a supplement to your routine.