It’s been a couple of months since I had decided to put in any real effort into my hair and makeup. Honestly, I didn’t feel like doing much for a while and heck, I wasn’t going anywhere. I didn’t mind just keeping within the minimum and not doing anything extra. The curling iron and extra hold hairspray were put away as well as the tinted moisturizer and mascara. Cozy sweats and sneakers became wardrobe staples. We are in self-isolation after all so who is going to see me but my family? I know they love me regardless.

There were also no events to attend. I was used to running to about 10 events a week prior to the pandemic — the last one I went to was on Women’s Day. Quarantine times have settled in. But then event invites began to roll in once again –reinvented. There are some pretty clever ways to gather that are beginning to surface designed to engage and immerse us remotely. I decided it was time to get out of my comfy zone and into the new world of virtual socialization.

An invitation came through for a ‘Girl’s Night In’ with a few recognizable women. It was a virtual event to #ReclaimConfidence not only in the current environment but how we can move forward together.  I took a look at the roster and I having met most of the women on the roster at one point or another, I felt it would be a good opportunity to find out how everyone else was weathering this latest storm…and an excuse to get my lipstick out once again. The featured guests included Roxy Earle (Designer, body positive activist, Real Housewives of Toronto), Caleigh Rykiss (Founder of BOLO Inc.), Lindy Sood and Anna Lozano (Loved Powered Co.), and moderated by Iva Grbesic (Falling in Style, CityLine, AuburnLane). There were also other familiar faces who popped in including Eva Redpath (Co-Active Life Coach, Founding Trainer of Barry’s Bootcamp Canada, Canada’s first Nike Master Trainer) and Jana Webb (Elite Trainer, Joga World, Real Housewives of Toronto). The event was hosted by Viviscal Canada and Toppik Canada.

The women shared real stories of what they were going through professionally and personally. I appreciated their candid stories that showed us even the most powerful women face the very real situations we are all dealing with as well. No sugar coating. There were no filters but what I saw was their courage to face what was ahead of them with focus and determination. Several women are juggling at-home expectations like many of us — homeschooling anyone? Others are figuring out what their businesses will look like in the future. And yes, we shared some funnies too!  The virtual event was truly uplifting and gave me the right ooomph to shift my mindset out of wallowing in endless cups of coffee and baking loaves of apple fritter cake.

What was amazing? Their ability to push through and find those silver linings. And what really stuck with me? “Self care is non-negotiable,” as one guest said. It’s important to recognize that self-care isn’t a trend, it’s a choice and we need to carve out time for ourselves each and every day — whatever that may be. Work outs? Yoga? A big walk? Netflix? Whatever it is just do it for yourself. A bubble bath in the morning is what Roxy shared before she gets moving on her day. I LOVE her.

The ladies of Love Powered Co. reminded us that daily positive affirmations are important to help even in the best of times. What are affirmations? According to their site, it’s the way we talk to ourselves – that internal dialogue that streams in and out of our minds throughout the day. Want to shift your mindset to a positive state? Try it– if you haven’t already.  Start your day with a positive personal message to yourself.

“I am focused.”

“I am strong.”

“I am grateful.”

…are ones I say often that reminds me that I’ve got everything I need right now to push through the day. Instead of thinking that things are challenges…I think of them as opportunities to grow and learn. This pandemic? I choose to look at it as a gift of time.

Years ago, I had also made a point of cautiously trying to not say out negative things but finding ways to rearrange words into positives. “Can’t” isn’t a word I want in my vocabulary. Instead, I find words that focus on the “do’s” and not the “don’ts“. I’ve noticed that it’s made a difference in my outlook and how people approached me.

What’s that saying?

Your vibe attracts your tribe.

I believe it.

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