It was a year ago when I first stepped into Rumble Boxing Studio in Yorkville. Their slogan “fight club meets night club” caught my attention. They offered a free trial class to everyone who was curious to try and looking for a fun way to workout and to relieve some stress.

Let’s be real, I was never THAT person who enjoyed working out. But after I tried Rumble Boxing’s Signature Heavy Bag class in Toronto, I was “hooked”.

I brought a friend who also is always game to try anything. Here we were in a dark workout studio with loud music pumping out and ready to kick ass! The darkness helped. No one was flexing. There were no posers.

Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!!

“How many of you have punched something or someone before?” said the motivator. Yes, that’s what they are called here and for good reason. They hype you up and keep you on that level of energy from start to finish. We all laughed at her initial question but it was understood that we were in this class together for 50 minutes and it was a judgement-free zone. Whatever your experience didn’t matter.

There were adults of all ages and with all levels of boxing experience. Rumble was clear from the start about creating a community that was about supporting each other. They are known for that with their other studios across the country.

Rumble Boxing

Founded in Calgary, they have locations now in Vancouver, Montreal with more in the works. When I asked Kealan, one of the co-founders about the jump to Toronto she mentioned about how they were excited to bring that Calgary “we are in this together” vibe and hospitality to our city.

They’ve charmed us for sure. In fact, several of their motivators and personal trainers were brought to Toronto as well to start up the Yorkville location. And some have stayed, too!

Their heavy bag classes or “sweat sessions” are very popular. At the beginning of each class, basic moves are always explained – jabs, hooks, uppercuts, slips and weaves. That’s all you really needed to know to get started. But personal training sessions (and everyone gets one free PT sesh) help to give more understanding of techniques and highly recommended especially for beginners.

Techniques and Cardio all packed into every Rumble Boxing Class

Rumble Boxing

With hands wrapped and gloves on the music flows and combination punches instructed “Remember, we are boxing to the beat here,” helps to keep everyone in sync.

And there was reason for that reminder. Not only to keep a steady pace with the playlist but it also helped to focus and clear the mind.

Having the “combinations” being shouted out to the class meant we had to listen and concentrate. But once I quickly got the hang of it and was able to let the music take over. There was no moment of losing concentration either. It’s actually hard to not concentrate but if it happens they tell you just to bring yourself back and keep going. I literally found myself completely immersed in the experience and then suddenly the class was done.

I had never experienced a workout before where I didn’t want it to end. Seriously, this was such powerful feeling. I knew I would return. Having a frustrating day? Feeling overwhelmed? Need to bring calmness to your life. Surprisingly, these workouts will do that. Burning calories felt more like a bonus.

Jab- Cross- Uppercut- Inspire

Rumble Boxing Studio - Yorkville

Each class we are told to “leave everything on the bag”. And that was liberating. I came out of each class feeling stronger in many way — it’s as much a mindset workout as it is physical.  I might not be able to necessarily punch someone’s lights out if I needed to, yet (I’ll need to sign myself up for more personal training for that) but I am definitely walking taller and with purpose.

But I also came out of each class with a sense of gratitude — as the motivators often remind us, “You don’t have to be here, you choose and get to be here.”

They are truly amazing. I’ve tried every motivator’s class at the Yorkville location. Each one is a powerhouse. They bring everything they’ve got and keep the class moving.

It’s now been a year since I’ve been in the classes and still loving it all. I’ve also brought many curious friends along who also continue to go. I’ve made new friends, too! I’m still bringing people. Remember, no judgement and no attitude.

Find out More and Meet Me in the Ring at Rumble Boxing

Rumble Boxing Yorkville is located at 101-1235 Bay Street. A second Toronto location at Yonge & Eglinton aka Rumble Midtown is opening this month. There are classes and personal training sessions available every day with lots of options. And yes, they are still be offering a first class free for first timers. Want to see what it’s like? Check their website here: 

And if you’re wondering what the studio looks like for the Heavy Bag Class….

Rumble Boxing