Cleaning shouldn’t be a chore or a production. Life is complicated enough right now and no one wants to add any more stress to our daily routines.  I certainly don’t have the capacity right now for anything that is too finicky. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the latest tech but it shouldn’t be overly complicated for the end user, right? I just need to get things done…and done well. When I learned that Shark recently introduced a new VACMOP line it caught my attention. The new line includes the new Shark AI Robot VACMOP and VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop. Having already tried a few machines from Shark, I was already familiar with their innovations. I was curious about the new Shark VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop and its ability to do double duty easily and the timing couldn’t be better.

Now that it’s Spring we’ll be mopping up more often thanks to all the rain and muck — mostly from the dog’s wet paws, that come into the house not to mention his additional semi-annual fur shedding.

The upright cleaning device interested me for several reasons. It’s not just about Spring’s muddy season but with a constantly shedding dog (okay, and my long hair) we find ourselves vacuuming daily and mopping weekly. We are use to having several vacuums on each floor to keep up with him (us). We have a robot one that is programmed to run around on its own, another for upholstery, and a full-on central vac for the various carpet piles on the upper level. For the mopping, we’ve been using disposable wet cleaning pads for years for our hardwood floors and stone tiling. A straight forward system but the disposable pads were often too wet and we’ve had to wring out the excess. We’ll go through several pads each time we go to do the mopping with the previous system. So, I was keen on trying this new Shark VACMOP.

Here’s what we’ve discovered so far with the new Shark VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop…


One upright device, charger, 2 disposable pads and one small bottle of cleaning solution.


Easy to set up right out the of box. The handle clicks into place easily. Attach the disposable pad and straight forward to pour the cleaning liquid into its leakproof compartment. I also charged up the VACMOP to full before I started using it. 


The pads are designed to keep vacuumed up dirt, hair and what it sucks up, within the disposable pad. It clicks into place and stays secure. The under side of the pad is thick enough to cover a large space – for us it means coverage in the main foyer, hallway, kitchen living room, dining room, and family room. Our main floor has hard surfaces (hardwood and sealed stone) that needs constant cleaning. The cleaning pads have been great at staying secured in place to do its work.  The “pillows” in the pad appears to help keep the overall shape as well as the ability to get over different surfaces and not wear through as quickly as others that I’ve experienced. A few motions back and forth and the solution helps to remove more stubborn dirt. To remove the pad, is straight forward with a release button.


There is a specific chamber to pour in the recommended Shark floor cleaning solution (liquid). A “maximum” fill line lets you know where to stop. The initial bottle that comes with the starter kit is the perfect fill – when you buy subsequent cleaning solution it’s offered in a larger size. A spray button located on the front of the VACMOP helps to distribute the solution in an even mist. I like being able to control the amount of solution to use. The pad serves as the “mop” and easily moves over surfaces as you spray. No streaks were seen and surfaces dry pretty quickly. Scent is very light and fresh. No need to dump out unused cleaning solution. It can just be kept in until next time you use it.


Vacuuming the area first before using the mop feature makes things really easy. The vacuum control button is located on the back and the spray button is on front. You can certainly try to do both at the same time if you’re talented like that but I personally prefer running the vacuum first before mopping anyway — I just love having both features in one easy-to-use system now. It will vacuum up wet messes like spills which makes this really handy — once vacuumed, then just simply spray the cleaning solution and run the mop feature. It’s a super easy clean up without missing a beat!


Quite honestly, the cordless feature was a HUGE selling feature for me. But the battery life is important. I’ve already gone through the main floor twice and the battery has kept its power. I’m still waiting for it to run out of battery from its first charge. 


The head of this machine pivots so I’ve finally been able to maneuver into some tight spots that have been previously challenging.

One cleaning pad has done my complete main floor whereas my previous disposable pad system I had gone through two.

The vacuumed dirt stays locked inside the disposable pad in it’s own compartment so it makes it really easy to keep the machine clean itself. Plus you don’t actually have to ever touch a dirty pad to dispose of it.


The Shark VACMOP Cordless Hard Floor Vacuum Mop is suitable for hard and non-porous sealed floor surfaces. This particular model does a quick and efficient job that keeps up with our daily and weekly needs.

I would recommend buying additional disposable pads and cleaning solution if you’re ordering the machine anyway.

The upright and lightweight design makes it easy to use and to store.

Easy for everyone to use (hint: National No House Work Day is coming up on April 7 so tell the kids to help celebrate before that? It’s a stretch but it’s worth a shot, right?)

If you’ve got a shedding pet, you totally understand constant cleaning of everything is the norm. Shark has several handy products with pet families in mind, that are worth exploring.


Check Shark Cleaning Canada for more details, you can learn more here. Available online and at major retailers including Canadian Tire.