Historically, Science has played a huge role in skincare. Rejvenuated, fresh and youthful skin is the single most sought after beauty intention that we all strive for. Of course, it is also the hardest to attain. Collagen loss, environmental factors, genetics and bad habits all deplete the skin’s natural ability to repair and restore.

Halfway through my 41st year, I can attest that the choices I made (SPF zero! ciggies!) in my twenties are coming back to haunt me. Not one for drastic intervention, I have avoided needles and injectables so far. Instead, I have relied on a steady skincare routine and avoiding the sun. That’ll only get you so far, so when I was invited to try out the super-sciency JetPeel Facial at Compass Dermatology it could only be an enthusiastic yes, please!

jetpeel facial

Exfoliate. Infuse. Boost

Like a typical facial, but seemingly from the future like The Jetsons, JetPeel utilizes proven techniques to usher in a pampered and refreshed visage. Lymphatic drainage, a deep cleanse, exfoliation and hydration are all familiar practices, but here they’re turbo-charged and delivered by way of a magic wand. Using a unique micro stream technology, JetPeel combines customized targeted solutions (think brightening, acne or anti-aging) to deploy an instant transdermal treatment designed to target troubled skin with zero downtime.

The 45-minute treatment unleashes a custom solution at a dazzling 200m/s which exfoliates the epidermal layer, gently opening the skin surface to microchannels that allow for noninvasive delivery of nutritive microdroplets deep into the skin. Completely painless, the treatment is very relaxing while still penetrating the skin at a deep layer, getting you red carpet ready without the irritation or redness that can accompany traditional treatments.

Robust and Ready for Action

From treating rosacea to acne, sweat issues and hair loss, JetPeel solutions can be further boosted with targeted infusions to offer even more, brilliant beauty extras. These can improve rejuvenation, hydration, toning, brightness, collagen production, acne prone and oily skin. The Jet Boosters collection includes four formulations: Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and Vitamin A+E.

jetpeel facial

The Result? Intensely hydrating, while still deeply exfoliating and refreshing. My skin felt like it could finally breath after being buried under layers of dead skin. After almost two years of wearing a mask religiously, it felt like my skin could finally breathe again. The gentle wooshing of the magic wand sloughed off neglect, aging and lack of sleep. I felt revived and couldn’t believe how great my skin looked and felt. Fresh faced, pores buffed and polished, it looks like the mirror has a built in filter, there’s absolutely nothing to hide. No makeup, no photoshop, my face is closeup ready once again. With only one treatment, I could see a significant change in texture and tone, wrinkles were less pronounced and blackheads seemingly vanished. It’s also gentle enough to do on a regular basis, with the benefits layering with each repeat treatment.

While this treatment was provided free-of-charge all opinions are honest and my own. Learn more about JetPeel technology and where to book for a treatment at JetPeel.com and check out the gallery #JetPeelCanada.