The REGALIA exhibit is in full swing at the CN Tower. On until March 31st, the exhibit features the work of Aline Saffore and Roland Lorente, who travelled extensively throughout Eastern Canada and were welcomed by fourteen First Nations communities to attend and photograph 20 powwows. The result is a stunning and insightful lens on the people who identify as First Nations, and provides the viewer with the rare opportunity to see side-by-side images of the people, in both their regalia and also their day to day street wear.

Smoked elk striploin

To further that connection, 360 Restaurant‘s Executive Chef John Morris collaborated with First Nation Chef David Wolfman and curated a menu that combines classic aboriginal ingredients, showcased with modern-day cooking techniques. A collaboration of the best kind, the chefs bonded over their own history and culinary backgrounds- it’s a testament and love letter to what a good chef collab should be- mutual respect, learning and embracing of each other’s cultures and methods.

Chef David Wolfman

The result? A delicious and introspective prix fixe that channels the energy and spirit of the REGALIA exhibit. Guests can choose from either two ($65) or three ($79) courses, from appetizers to desserts. It’s a feast- each portion a stellar representation of a carefully executed menu, each course telling a story, each plate hitting close to home. Thoughtfully sourced local ingredients are a thing that Chef David Wolfman says his ancestors ate that way out of necessity, and while of course it’s now on trend, it was perfected by here.


Our faves? The three sisters risotto is composed of corn, green beans and squash, three plants that excel at growing together in close quarters. Naturally, they work brilliantly on a plate too. Caramelized butternut squash, grilled corn and tender green beans bounce with grains and leafy garnish. Have your date order the Wild Garlic & Mushroom Bannock too, it’s too good to pass up, and if you’ve never had the chance to eat bannock it’s downright delicious. Here it’s crowned with roasted wild mushrooms and pickled wild garlic pesto.
The smoked elk striploin is beautifully served medium rare drenched in elk jus and served with braised elk osso bucco. A must for carnivores.
Desserts leave a sweet finish, yay, there is maple, and chili. Chef David says chili is an ingredient from his fellow Mayans down south, adding oomph and then some to the Dark Chocolate and Chili Ganache Tart, served with maple hazelnut ice cream and elderflower gastrique.

Highest Wine Cellar circa 2006 – Guinness Records

With soaring skies acting as a lovely backdrop to both the food and the art exhibit, I was taken back at how many hours I’d spent gazing about- Most locals haven’t been since a school trip, and it’s high time for a re-visit. Here is a perfect excuse and a great way to spend an afternoon or evening.

360 Restaurant at CN Tower

Thanks to CN Tower for hosting- we hope there’s more art and inspirational events in your future!