Reebok recently launched the Human Rights Now! collection, a long-term product platform designed to fuel the brand’s mission to inspire human rights and human movement.

The Reebok design team has brought back the original graphics from the 1988 Human Rights Now! World Tour, a benefit concert series to celebrate and raise awareness for the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the work of Amnesty International. In conjunction with the release of the Human Rights Now! collection, Reebok is also donating $270,000 to RISE, a non-profit that educates and empowers the sports community to eliminate racial discrimination, champion social justice and improve race relations.

The Human Rights Now! platform is just one of the Reebok’s pillars to execute its commitment to stand united against racism through creating a more inclusive environment but also contributing to and promoting Black and LatinX communities. It is also part of Reebok’s mission to donate $10M over the next five years to directly benefit these communities.

The launch of the collection also coincides with the return of the Reebok Human Rights Award Program, which previously ran from 1988-2007. The program celebrates human rights for all, not some. Reebok Human Rights Awards honours the work of youth activists standing up for human rights and dismantling systemic racism. You can read more about the program here. 

The unisex Human Rights Now! collection including the much loved Classic Leather ($120), and the Club-C ($120) sneakers that we adore as well as  the vintage wash apparel collection.  Also available  in unisex sizing are the HRN hoodie ($85), T-shirt ($40), and Shorts ($55), all featuring the Human Rights Now! logo. Ideal for back to school The unisex Human Rights Now! collection is available exclusively on