In a global pandemic everyone has had to rethink their new normal and breweries have been no exception; quickly pivoting to 100% non-people facing services of curbside, home delivery and in some cases rejigging their equipment to support sanitizer shortages. As restoration and recovery starts to be the words on everyone’s lips the food and drink industry finds themselves in a unique dichotomy of how they want to make their comeback. A classic The Clash “should I stay or should I go” moment.

Creemore Springs Kellerbier
For some it has meant more punch you in the face hazy IPAs, mouth puckering fruity sours and nose tickling fizzy seltzers while for others it’s a time to reset and get back to the basics.

Anyone who has had their beer or visited their little hamlet in Ontario knows that Creemore Springs prides themselves on quality and their commitment to their craft. With their brand new Discovery Series they take these values and offer consumers the ability to try small batch limited addition beers using unique but classic ingredients and traditional brewing methods delivered to your door each month. With every release you receive information on the beer from serving recommendations to food pairings.

This month’s brew was a perfect example of exactly what this Discovery Series is all about. Not commonly found in Ontario this Bamberg Style Kellerbier is pure quality in a glass. Brewed with whole leafs hops you would expect to have an explosion of dank bitterness popular with most hop dominant beers in the market. However with this beer you get classic German hops that provides your senses a feast of citrus and spice while the addition of Munich hops balances it out with a hint of caramel sweetness. This unfiltered lager is gorgeous in its deep amber hue and pairs perfectly with spicy foods, grilled meats and soft cheeses all at a comfortable 4.6% ABV.

With September’s release just around the corner don’t sleep on this series. Home delivery has made getting things easier;  Creemore Springs has made getting great beer just as simple.

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*thank you to Creemore Springs for gifting me some of this beer to try. All opinions are 100% my own.