Women’s hockey is back with a bang! The first-ever PWHL draft day took place yesterday in the mecca of all things hockey, Toronto (there, I said it, fight me). Six teams were unveiled, albeit unnamed teams, but the geographical places do exist, which is more important, arguably. While the barns have yet to be listed, you can assume the PWHL will try and follow a similar format as the Premier Hockey Federation and secure a similar fan-friendly experience.


toronto six isobel semi finals

First round:

1. Minnesota – FW Taylor Heise (USA) NCAA

2. Toronto – D Jocelyn Larocque (CAN) PWHPA

3. Boston – FW Alina Muller (SWI) NCAA

4. New York – D Ella Shelton (CAN) PWHPA

5. Ottawa – D Savannah Harmon (USA) PWHPA

6. Montreal – D Erin Ambrose (CAN) PWHPA

Second round:

7. Montreal – FW Kristin O’Neill (CAN) PWHPA

8. Ottawa – D Ashton Bell (CAN) NCAA

9. New York – D Jamie Bourbonnais (CAN) PWHPA

10. Boston – D Sophie Jaques (CAN) NCAA

11. Toronto – D Emma Maltais (CAN) NCAA

12. Minnesota – G Nicole Hensley (USA) PWHPA


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Third round:

13. Minnesota – FW Grace Zumwinkle (USA) NCAA

14. Toronto – G Kristen Campbell (CAN) PWHPA

15. Boston – FW Jamie-Lee Rattray (CAN) PWHPA

16. New York – FW Jessie Eldridge (CAN) PWHPA

17. Ottawa – D Jincy Dunne-Roese (USA) PWHPA

18. Montreal – FW Maureen Murphy (USA) NCAA

Fourth round:

19. Montreal – D Dominika Laskova (CZE) PHF

20. Ottawa – FW Gabbie Hughes (USA) NCAA

21. New York – FW Chloe Aurard (FRA) NCAA

22. Boston – FW Loren Gabel (CAN) PHF

23. Toronto – FW Natalie Spooner (CAN) PWHPA

24. Minnesota – D Maggie Flaherty (USA) NCAA

Fifth round:

25. Minnesota – FW Susanna Tapani (FIN)

26. Toronto – FW Jesse Compher (USA) NCAA

27. Boston – FW Hannah Brandt (USA) PWHPA

28. New York – FW Élizabeth Giguère (CAN) PHF

29. Ottawa – FW Hayley Scamurra (USA) PWHPA

30. Montreal – D Kati Tabin (CAN) PHF

Sixth round:

31. Montreal – FW Kennedy Marchment (CAN) PHF

32. Ottawa – FW Daryl Watts (CAN) PHF

33. New York – G Corinne Schroeder (CAN) PHF

34. Boston – D Jessica DiGirolamo (CAN) PWHPA

35. Toronto – D Kali Flanagan (CAN) PHF

36. Minnesota – FW Clair DeGeorge (CAN) PWHPA

Seventh round:

37. Min – D Natalie Buchbinder (USA) NCAA

38. Tor – FW Victoria Bach (CAN) PWHPA

39. Bos – FW Theresa Schafzahl (AUT) NCAA

40. NY – FW Jill Saulnier (CAN) PWHPA

41. Ott – FW Aneta Tejralová (CZE) PHF

42. Mon – FW Tereza Vanišová (CZE) PHF

toronto six isobel semi finals hockey, pwhl