I am not one of those women who gets all cagy about her age. I am loud and proud at 55, I still wear my hair longer than Cosmopolitan would approve of, I own an impressive collection of Vans, I still bike all over the city and I wear my well earned wrinkles like a badge of honour. I looked good decade younger than my actual age until my late forties and now, in my mid fifties, for the first time, my outsides don’t match my insides as much as they used to. I am not trying to look like I am 40 but I would like to NOT look like a 55 year old who has not slept in a decade with resting bitch face, thanks to those pesky marionette lines dragging my face down. You know, I adored my mom but these were her problem areas too so I know what’s waiting for me down the road and I feel like I need to get a handle of this stuff now.

When I saw that the slogan at the MD Beauty Clinic is “Better not younger” I was intrigued. That is exactly what I need. I want to look better – not flawless, not younger, not perfect, just a little better. I was already doing an interview with the owner of the clinic, Ann Marie McDonald (read about that here) that was to be followed by complimentary Miracle 10 Peel. I asked if I could do a consultation with one of their injectors while I was there so I could include what sort of treatment options are available to women my age and, perhaps, schedule some procedures for myself while I’m there.


NOT what I am going for


I had a full soft lift as a model for Juvaderm about 15 years ago and although the experience was cool, it was waaaaay more work than I felt like I wanted or needed. After that, I have never done anything to my face again, until now. The dr who did the work, back then, was fantastic and did a great job but now I am just looking for a little soupçon of refreshment. Would I look “prettier” if I plumped my lips, filled all the hollows, lifted the brows, smoothed my forehead until it looked like a skating rink? Maybe, but that is not for me. I just want to feel and look a little better – I’m going for two weeks at the spa look vs NEW FACE, WHO DAT?





My First Visit to the MD Beauty Clinic

First up is my Miracle 10 Peel with Marine, a lovely woman who was a Doctor back in Armenia. She carefully describes every step of the process ,which I appreciate as this is my first peel. I had a facial once 25 years ago and it was not a great experience for me so, despite being a professional make up artist, I have never been back for any sort of skin treatment since. 

Marine starts gently with me by using a light peeling agent after a delightful session of deplaning – I might be a weirdo but I found the soft “scrape, scrape, scrape” hypnotic and relaxing. She will build up the strength of the potions with each visit to see what my skin can tolerate. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and my skin feels great afterward. Two weeks later, my skin still feels so much softer that I feel kind of silly for waiting this long to try a peel but I will absolutely start going in once a month to let Marine scrape my troubles away.

Next up, I consult with the charming injector, Sasha, the lone male in a sea of women, who is equally informative, reassuring and honest with me. I have a charming combo of deep under eye scoops as well as puffy bags that are quite dark and that are getting worse as I age. Sasha spends a good amount of time asking me questions to assess what I am looking to achieve, telling me what kind of results I can reasonably expect and how much it will cost so I can decide how far I want to take things. He is straight forward, honest and I do not feel any pressure to more than I need, which I appreciate.

During my previous soft lift,  I required a series of needle pokes in my delicate under eye area to pump in the Juvaderm and I bruised pretty badly. The MD Beauty Clinic offers a new technique called The Redensity II Under Eye Treatment using a filler especially formulated for this delicate area. The cost is a very upfront $600 per syringe with no added costs. On this first visit, I got half a syringe of filler under each eye.

Sasha poked a little hole in my cheek with a needle, which feels like a pinch , like giving blood. He then threads the cannula thing through the hole up to the area under the eye, close to the bone, guiding it with his finger. He can then move the cannula around to inject the solution to all of the needed areas without having to ever make any more holes. He then starts injecting the filler and although it feels weird, it doesn’t hurt and only took a few minutes before moving on to the other side.

the result is subtle but this is only after a small amount of filler. We are waiting two weeks to see if the filler will weep down into my cheek and if that is the case, Sasha will add a little filler to the upper cheek to act almost like a shelf to hold the under eye filler in place.

The results of fillers are apparent immediately. I could already see enough of a difference that I am happy but he assures me that when we top it up in two weeks, he thinks we can get well past my goal of  50% improvement.

Then, because I really hate the way my mouth drags down, another common occurrence that comes with age, making me look like I have a sour lemon permanently wedged between my cheek and gums, he advises a tiny bit of botox for a subtle correction. He zaps a bit into my neck and then a zap into the actual area and that’s done, again with no pain, just a little pinch.

The effects of the filler might be apparent right away but it will take a week or so for the botox to do it’s thing so we will catch up after my next visit. 

The next morning I got up, I dug out my skin care steps and bag of products that the clinic gave me and followed Marine’s instructions for my morning “regime”. I have never had a “regime” before and up until now, my face gets wet in the shower, I may or may not slap on some moisturizer afterwards but most likely NOT.

This time, I am committed to following this through for at least a month to see if it really makes a difference in the appearance and feel of my skin. I know that if I am thrilled with the results that I will stick with it but because I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, I am committing to just one month for now. The only deviation from the instructions is to add some La Mer eye cream most nights because I have a jar of it and everyone who uses it, raves about it. I will tell you, right now, that once this jar is finished I won’t be replacing it with another $275 jar but since this one was in a gift bag I got, I am using it.


I am happy to report that even with just the first round of filling under my eyes and two weeks of using the skincare products, I now apply my under eye concealer and see a noticeable improvement.  I think I could convince a stranger that I have, in fact, slept this year,  so SUCCESS. The fact that Sasha is going to be able to fix it even more has me giddy.

I return to the MD Beauty Clinic this week for the next injections so stay tuned for Part 2 and a giveaway so you can see what I am talking about for yourself.


*This post was not sponsored but I received these treatments at no cost. My opinion is, as always, my own and I am so happy with the results that I will happily continue to be a paying client at the clinic.