Most of us can agree that Mother’s Day isn’t necessarily about extravagant store bought gifts. We’ve always cherished the crafts and cards made at school and brought home proudly in that brown paper bag covered in crayon drawings. Or what about that seedling in the claypot that is just starting to sprout out of the soil and that macaroni necklace that’s still saved in the box of keepsakes. So sweet!

We also love spending time with our families. Even more so when kids get older and have active lives of their own. But with our digital generation, we’re finding mobile devices, either at home or out at restaurants, are finding their way to the dining table and staying there.

Mother’s Day is coming up and the one thing moms want the most? We already know! It is to spend time with their family — not time with family and their  phones. In a recent survey, 74 percent of adults check their phone at least once while dining out and 41 percent still get scolded by their moms about it. Adults!

OpenTable, the online restaurant reservation app is encouraging diners to participate in #DiningMode this Mother’s Day (May 12) by putting aside their phones and giving those they’re with the gift of being present and connecting over a great meal. All diners can participate while dining out at any restaurant or by visiting one of the nearly 70 OpenTable restaurants in Canada or one of the nearly 500 restaurants worldwide that are supporting the #DiningMode campaign.

Some of our favourite Toronto restaurants participating include: Terroni, Gladstone Hotel, AGO Bistro, The Good Son Restaurant, Sud Forno, and Portland Variety.

According to a recent survey of Canadians commissioned by OpenTable, 76 percent of respondents rank a Mother’s Day meal as the No. 1 occasion when people should avoid checking their phones. The survey also found that nearly one third of adults say sharing a meal together is the most meaningful Mother’s Day gift followed by thoughtful conversation. 82 percent of diners have been annoyed by their dining companion’s phone use in the past. 25 percent say they actually avoid eating with companions who overuse their phones. 69 percent of respondents at least somewhat agree that they feel they use their phone too much. You can learn more here.

#DiningMode is a challenge to people to set aside their phones while dining and connect with those around them this Mother’s Day. To help spark a meaningful conversation around the table and to help diners power off and power through a spell of nomophobia (the fear of being without a mobile phone or mobile connection), diners can download OpenTable’s conversation starters.