If feeding fresh, wholesome and nutritionally balanced meals to your pup is a priority, you’ve probably done tons of research. But where do you turn to? Yes, we expect high quality ingredients in well-balanced meals made right for our pup’s individual needs and we want our dogs to love what they eat. Supporting local is even better! Toronto-based Puppy Gang Fresh Foods  has caught our attention  (we asked them all the questions!) and delivers all the goodness right to your door all conveniently packaged.

Sarah and Marisa began the company after Marisa’s pup, Kalinda, was rescued from a puppy mill. Kalinda, a Schnauzer, was overweight and could barely walk, apparently needed knee surgery, and had a range of illnesses. “Three different vets recommended feeding her ‘premium’ kibble but it didn’t help her at all,” said Marisa.

She  was convinced it was the food Kalinda was fed caused the health issues – which, she says was heavily processed and wasn’t made with the greatest quality ingredients based on the research she had done. Marisa discovered that the pet food industry wasn’t regulated and learned that the ingredients were potentially harmful.

She found a holistic veterinarian and learned about what nutritious foods can do for her dog. She began making home-cooked meals for Kalinda that was balanced for a healthier diet. After nine months of struggling and an additional three months of changing her dog’s diet, Kalinda lost half her body weight and Marisa says, “has aged backwards.” She’s now running and jumping and ultimately didn’t require knee surgery.

From this experience, Marisa and Sarah decided they wanted to help other dogs and their dog owners by providing more research and information on how dogs can live a longer and healthier life. From that Puppy Gang Fresh Foods was born.

Their recipes are created with a holistic veterinarian and animal nutritionist to ensure they contain the right balance of nutrients dogs need. “How much a dog eats depends on their age, size, breed and a few other factors,” says Sarah. “We help our clients work out how much to feed and customize a meal plan that works with their dog.” As a loose guideline, Sarah suggests roughly 3/4 cup of food for 10 lbs of body weight. For bigger dogs, their meals can be used as a nutritious (and tasty!) topper to be mixed in with existing food for owners who would like to boost up the nutrients. They’ve found that even the fussiest of eaters are licking their bowls clean!

For dogs that have dietary restrictions, or have some dislikes of certain ingredients, they can customize the combination of packs that are delivered although individual recipes aren’t necessarily altered. But if a dog has an allergy to chicken, they can easily swap out for another flavour. They often talk with customers about their pups allergies to help them select the best meals for them. All customers also have access to their animal nutritionist for a complimentary 15 minute consultation.

The meals are made fresh and prepared locally in a commercial kitchen right here in Toronto. They are gently cooked (steamed), blended, and vacuumed sealed before freezing. The proteins are sourced from local Ontario farmers and they only used ground beef, turkey, and chicken. Salmon is also sourced locally. Meals contain no fillers, no preservatives, no additives or grains.

The meals are then frozen before sending off to their customers. Sarah tells us since there are no preservatives or additives so the meals are best to keep in the freezer until ready to eat. Once defrosted, the food is good in the fridge for about 4 days — just like human food!

Not only does fresh made food make sense and offer nutrient rich meals but they tell us their customers have found overall health improvements with their furry family members including improved fur quality, energy levels, stool quality and more positive changes in their dogs.

Puppy Gang Fresh Foods has a promotion on their 7-pack trial for $41.99 Can.

You can find out more about: Puppy Gang Fresh Foods

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