Well, 2021 was some year, wasn’t it? Now that it’s behind us, let’s step forward into the new year with optimism. Although the pandemic still looms over our heads, we can certainly hope for a much, MUCH better 2022. We’re eager to find ways to help get us through to better days so we’ve reached out to psychic Angel Morgan, for a few tips on bringing more positive energy to our lives. 

Angel often explores other cultures to enhance her understanding and ours, so, here are some ideas she’s offered to us to help enhance our energy modalities for 2022!

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2022 will be the Year of the Water Tiger according to the Chinese Lunar Calendar which will, hopefully, bring good fortune in areas of business and family! As we exit the Year of the Ox we can still take advantage of the last few weeks – ideal time for planting seeds and manifesting what you’re hoping for. The Lunar Chinese calendar year doesn’t turn until February 1st this year so, you still have a few weeks to turn your hopes and dreams into reality. 
But how? Angel has tips to help bring those ideas to life, learn what to expect and what steps we can take to prepare.  
First of all, write down what you want (point form will do) on a piece of paper. Be specific and remember, your dreams are not too big. In fact, dream bigger on that page!
Keep the list in a special place. Another option is, if timing works, to go outside under the full moon on December 18, or Winter Solstice on December 21, or New Year’s Eve and burn your page. This symbolizes the release of our intentions into the universe thus asking for them to be brought back to us in physical form. Pagans would tell you “it goes to the ears of the Gods!”
Look around your home and see what objects still resonate with you at this time and then move them around a bit. Unpack some hidden away things that you love and put them front and centre this year. At the same time, put away those things that don’t inspire you now, but keep them for another time. This is great “Feng Shui” from the Black Hat Sect School of Feng Shui which believes in “live with what you love”.

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Are crystals your thing? She suggests putting Citrine in your money corner — which is the farthest left-hand corner of any room or home. It’s believed that by doing so, it will lead to improved money and prosperity. As well as being lovely, it inspires wealth, which is always good! The Citrine stone is commonly known as “the success stone” as it radiates happiness, joy and bright energy. It is often used to bring clarity and fights off negative energy. Consider it also as your protective stone. 

Angel’s favourite thing to do? Put something silver in your wallet with your money. It can help to increase whatever you put it in with. Angel tells us she puts it in with big bills! Hey, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?

psychic ganesh

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In India, Ganesha helps to remove obstacles. Angel tells us this elephant-headed God will bring good business and marriage to anyone who has him in their home, so put him in your house if that is what you need.

It might be time to clear out the closet! What are draws you in? Let your intuition guide you on style, accessories and colour as a  great way to practice your intuitive abilities. “When I listen, the attire I choose enhances the energies I need for the day. As a result, when people see me, those colours affect them, and consequently, I always get a compliment or two,” says Angel. 
So, practice these simple things to help increase your health, happiness and harmony for 2022! Enjoy, dream big and have a great year!

About Angel

Angel is an internationally respected psychic, medium, animal communicator, energetic expert with clients in Canada, Jamaica, England, Peru, Guatemala, Malta, the United States. She has also been featured on many radio, television talk shows and featured in magazines, newspapers, and online.

For 18+ years Angel has been sharing the teachings of many cultures through her intuitive work, which has, in turn, helped people from all walks of life to find closure, connect with loved ones who have crossed over, speak to animals, and create an effortless path to unconditional self awareness, truth and love.

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