It’s been a strange few years to say the least. The world is transitioning as shifting as it always has but we’ve been forced to collectively pay attention. Yes, we may have been comfortable in our routines prior to the pandemic and maybe even careless (or carefree) in many ways. So much has been revealed to us about ourselves and the world we live in.  And with it all, we still seek out those little glimmers of hope and messages that can help us weather through the changing landscape.

angel morgan psychic

Our attention recently returned to Angel Morgan — psychic, animal communicator, and energetic expert. We’ve chatted with her several times in the past and always found our interviews really interesting and full of energy! When she mentioned she was preparing to return to in-person live audience experience in Toronto at The Factory Theatre (April 5), we thought it would be a good time to check in.

It’s exciting to see you back out in a group setting again now that the pandemic restrictions have lifted. What was the pandemic like for you and your line of work? 

Angel: It wasn’t easy at first. I took on a lot of the fear and anger that many people were feeling. A lot of intuitives did. It was a real learning in how to focus and ground. It helped me realize how much I liked my quiet time- it made me reflect not only as a person, but what it meant to be a spirit walker. My fiancé helped me on the days I felt I was taking on to much, and at one point I made the decision to help others. In the end it helped me.

Many of the clients that came to me asked if the decisions to make changes in their lives were the right one. They were reflecting on their way of expressing themselves in the world. Some were leaving jobs they had for years, others were thinking of working with their own abilities more, and even staying home with their families more. determining what life balance meant really was the theme for my work. it became very healing for them, and very healing for me.

It also moved me to take a leap of faith in how I did my work. I wanted to help more people, and the lockdown pushed me towards that and helped me expand in to the virtual world. It wasn’t easy at first, but now I’ve become more tech savvy and it’s great! Now opening things up have expanded me again and I find I am already planning more appearances and shows like the one I am doing at the Factory Theatre in Toronto.

Did you notice anything different or shifts in the way people were thinking since covid?

Angel: I have found that people are continuing with the active lifestyle mentality they had during COVID. It’s great to see families out in the parks together in my community. I love watching people run and bike. That connects people more deeply to their intuition and their compassion. So, now the conversations I have with some people seem deeper.

Do you have any insight into how 2023 is going to shape up for us overall?

Angel: I love how 2023 feels. It is the year of the rabbit and with that come literal leaps and bounds forward in every aspect of life for many people. I am already seeing things open up for so many!

You often meet with people one-on-one, in-person, on Zoom, but you’ve also done experiences like this even on radio and television. Can you tell us how does this group setting works?

Angel: Before the show I call on angels, guides, guardians, loved ones who have crossed to be with us. Once the show begins I ask all those of the light to guide me to those who have messages waiting for them. It’s fast paced and fun. Even spirits have a sense of humour, so you never know what to expect. What’s really great is that everyone walks away with something.

What do you love about these live group settings?

Angel: Groups are fun! I love the energy created when people come together. I can feel their joy and the anticipation of what’s to come during the shows. People are so excited to be there and get messages, and I am so excited to be able to bring through messages for them. I love working with the animals that come through as well. It’s so heartwarming to watch the expressions on people’s faces when a loved one visits.

What can we expect at your upcoming live experience at The Factory Theatre?

Angel: I always say expect the unexpected. But guaranteed everyone is going to have fun. It’s fast paced and most people can feel the spirits and energy in the room, it will be safe and comfortable. It’s going to be an amazing night!

What can we do to prepare ourselves for coming to this event?

Angel: Before you come to the theatre ask for your loved ones to come through or that a message be there that you need to guide your life. It’s always helpful and makes you more open.

And be open. The only intention you need to have coming in is to have fun!

Beyond The Veil: Messages from the other side with Angel Morgan in-person show on April 5, 2023 at 7:00 pm EST. The Factory Theatre (125 Bathurst Street) in Toronto. Intended for audiences 18+. More information and tickets can be found here. 

By the way, the date of April 5, 2023 for this live experience was selected with intention. It is the rise of the Pink Full Moon that evening – the first full moon of Spring. It has significance in many religions and cultures. In the spiritual world, this full moon holds powerful energy that represents hope, renewal, change, transformation and growth. Cool? Yes, we thought so too! See you there!