Chia seeds have been around a long, long time, whether for decorative purposes back in the 80’s (ch-ch-ch-chia!) or in the mainstream, in modern times, as a food source. Chia seeds, a super food packed with omega 3 & 6, magnesium, fibre and iron, are unbelievably easy to use, boosting every day foods like soups, salads, smoothies and stews. It’s flavour is so neutral it’s almost impossible to detect.

Organic, gluten-free, non-GMO Prana makes a top quality seed, in either ground for seamless blending, or whole for a little texture and pop. Prana has also introduced a ProactivChia, a chia seed with two probiotics boosted in for even more nutritional gains. Chia seeds may be mini, but they’re mighty and are a meal on their own!

As someone who rushes out every morning, making meals for the family but somehow spacing out on feeding myself, these make-ahead chia puddings are a perfect grab-and go, guilt free and satisfying. Mixing them up the night before, in about 1 minute flat means there’s no excuses to skip breakfast anymore.

3 tbsp Prana Chia Seeds
1 cup of any plant based milk- I love unsweetened Hemp Milk

Mix in a mason jar, shake, shake, shake! Park it in the fridge and you’re good to go the next day. Layer up with your favourite fruits and nuts. Our fave combos?

Strawberry/Walnut/Maple Syrup
Dark Chocolate/Peanuts/Coconut Flakes

With countless of uses, it’s an easy add on for anyone looking for a nutritional boost! Learn more about Prana Chia Seeds here.