We are ready to embrace the warmer weather outdoors again this summer – and more than ever we are appreciating any space we have. With smaller bubble gatherings (are bubbles still a thing?) and fresh air in mind here are a few drinks that are easy like a summer breeze – just pop the top and enjoy. We’ll have them on rotation all summer long!

Vizzy Hard Seltzer made an early splash during our warmer days already. IT’s the first hard seltzer made with Superfruit Acerola Cherry. The flavour added to the light, crisp and refreshing drinks. Each can contains 5% alc/vol and 100 calories. Flavours include Pineapple Mango that reminds us of a tropical paradise escape. Blueberry Pomegranate is fruity and tangy. Black Cherry Lime is luscious and Strawberry Kiwi is juicy fun.


NEW from Mark Anthony Brands International (they also have White Claw on their roster) comes Lemon Life Hard Lemonade Seltzer – a full-flavoured, bold and slightly sweet hard lemonade. This refreshing drink is made with handpicked lemons grown on family-owned farms. The fruit is cold-pressed to extract the juices. Each can contains only 1 g of sugar and is 100 calories. Four flavours available including Mango, Pineapple, Strawberry and Lemonade.Freed Earth Hard Tea is a new premium crafted made with sustainably sourced tea that’s brewed for its natural flavours. No artificial sweeteners or colours added. At only 3 g of sugar and 100 calories per can, Freed Earth delivers authentic brewed tea taste with a hint of sweetness.

Little Buddha Cocktail Co. launches Organic Natural Peach Tea (4% alcohol) to their roster. The Canadian premium distilled ready-to-drink flavour was created by Toronto friends Kimberely Taylor and Anne Marie Kypreos. The flavour is certified organic, has zero sugar, under 90 calories, naturally sweetened and made with Ontario Peaches, organic red raspberry concentrate, carrot juice, pumpkin juice and organic vodka.

little buddha vodka soda

If you LOVE ciders and hard lemonades but are concerned about sugar content check out SoCIAL LITE’s first-ever Mango Lemonade, Orchard Apple and Lime Ginger Vodka Sodas. We love the Mango Lemonade flavour — that will be on repeat for sure.SOCIALITE

Love your sodas? BASK Hard Sparkling Sodas are made with real tea and fruit flavours. Each has zero sugar, 80 calories and 4% all/vol. Flavours include Green Tea Peach, Black Tea Goji & Blackberry, and White Tea Passion Fruit. 

Wine in a can? Sure, why not. BABE Wine with Bubbles actually isn’t just cute and pretty but it’s light and refreshingly good stuff. Perfect for our #winedownfridays after a week of endless zoom calls. If you love spritzers this is for you. Comes in Red, Rosé, Grigio and 100 calories can versions as well.

We’re fans of Grower’s cider and the company has just introduced a new Sparkling Spritz that balances the crisp cider we love and sparkling water with a fruity splash! Each can contains 1 g of sugar, 90 calories and 4% alc/vol. Flavours include Field Watermelon Lavender and Peach Orange Blossom.

white claw watermelon

We LOVE all the flavours of White Claw, the OG seltzer that really started the trend for low-cal vodka coolers. Newly announced this year is the addition of Raspberry, a classic summer flavour and Watermelon, our new fave flavour. Look for tall boys of this quintessential summer RTD, or grab the cooler mix pack with Ruby Grapefruit, Natural Lime, Mango and Black Cherry.

Lucky us for warmer summer nights and Good Fortune is a sparkling wine cocktail naturally infused with fruit flavours. The new Citrus Orange Flower has notes of freshly squeezed citrus fruit with a gentle orange blossom aroma. The Raspberry Hibiscus features tastes of ripe raspberries and a gorgeous hibiscus aroma. Each can contains 5% alc/vol.

Ready-made hard sodas are popular on our back deck and In Good Order has some unexpected combinations of natural fruit and botanical flavours. Each can has 4g of sugar, 100 calories and 4% alc/vol. New Mango Cherry Blossom highlights juicy notes of ripe mango with a hint of cherry blossom. Tahitian Lime & Hibiscus is tart with a hint of floral. Real Blueberry & Juniper is slightly sweet with lively and bright with flavours of fresh-picked blueberries and a dash of juniper.

Remember when we could all hang out and enjoy a cold can of Joiy Sparkling on a hot summer evening?

Calling on clumsy wine glass breakers – one of my favourite sparkling wines in a can is safe for use around the pool, to take on a picnic or to the beach. I can never choose between the Joiy Sparkling or Rosé Sparkling but both pack a ton of bubbly goodness in pretty 250 ml cans.

Seltzers sound pretty American sounding, but really, it’s just soda, and here the beer barons at Coors have unleashed their fun low-cal flavours, all with a water-friendly ethos with a partnership with Change the Course to restore Canada’s most precious resource. In four fun flavours, including Black Cherry and Grapefruit.

Coors Light Seltzer

Our documented obsession with all their Sour Beers is on full display, but Collective Arts in Hamilton has been cranking out the craft cocktails like the inspired Pink Gin & Soda with Rasberry and Bitter Orange, a vibrant and effervescent effort with rhubarb notes (lead photo). Summer in a can!

bud light seltzer

Also taking a swing at the White Claw market enters Bud Light and their seltzer selects. Fruity, super low-call and in a refreshing tall-girl format, these are very crushable and would also be a perfect partner to a herb or citrus garnish.  crown royal whisky cola

Crown and Coke is a tasty grab and go, it’s a classic for a good reason! The regal minds at Crown Royal are getting into the RTD world with this nifty purple partner, at 7% you’re best to grab water to wash it down with.

Although *some* items were gifted to the editorial team, our opinions are authentic and all our own. Please, do not drink and drive, and consume alcohol within your respective limits.