There are times during the day where we need to take a break from staring at the screen. We turn to the outdoors to get fresh air, walk the dog, and get some steps counted on our Fitbits. Maybe we’re sitting on our stationary bike wishing it was a Peloton. Or maybe it’s just a time we just need to do nothing other than to listen to music, an audiobook or podcast!

According to there are currently over 1.5 million podcasts out there today. Apple Podcast is the world’s largest catalog of podcasts that now features over 1 million shows in more than 100 languages available in 175 countries and regions. And who’s listening? According to  US stats, 50% of all homes have podcast listeners. Smartphones drive podcast usage with 157% increase in 2018 since 2014. (Nielson Q1 2018 podcast insights).

So, what are you listening to? We’d love to know your favourites. Here are some podcasts we’ve come across that are worth exploring…

Anna Farris is Unqualified: (iHeart Radio Podcast) a refreshingly insightful and fun podcast where Anna interviews celebrity guests and attempts to gain insight into the world and gives out completely unqualified advice to callers, often with the help of much more qualified expert guests. Interviews include Malcolm Gladwell, David Chang, Paris Hilton and many more.

Stuff You Should Know: (iHeart Radio Podcast) conversations of totally random thoughts on each podcast that makes you go “hmmmm”. Recent topics include How Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Works, Plastic Pink Flamingos, and How Ghosts Work.

Stuff They Don’t Want You To Know: (iHeart Radio Podcast) from UFOs to psychic powers and government conspiracies, history is riddled with unexplained events. Recent podcast discussions include QAnon and Conflict Journalism and When We Become Our Phones.

The David Chang Show: (The Ringer/Apple Podcast) Besides being the chef of the Momofuku restaurants and the creator and host of Netflix’s ‘Ugly Delicious,’ Dave is an avid student and fan of sports, music, art, film, and, of course, food. In ranging conversations that cover everything from the creative process to his guest’s guiltiest pleasures, Dave and a rotating cast of smart, thought-provoking guests talk about their inspirations, failures, successes, fame, and identities.

The Jann Arden Podcast: (iHeart Radio Podcast) posted by the Canadian icon, this 60-minuted podcast discusses the challenges, triumphs, and tribulations of everyday life. Fun and relatable, Arden explores what makes all humans authentically themselves with guests including musicians, actors, politicians, writers and athletes.

Unlocking Us with Brené Brown: (Apple Podcast) Brené spent over 20 years studying the emotions and experiences that bring meaning and purpose to our lives, and if there’s one thing she’s learned it’s that we are hardwired for connection. This podcast is real, unpolished, honest, and reflects both the magic and the messiness of what it means to be human.

Other People’s Problems: (CBC Podcast) Real therapy sessions that demystify mental health. Practical tools and strategies, delivered with empathy.

Becoming Yourself: (Apple Podcast) Hosts Veronica & Olena have candid discussions on topics that help us understand ourselves, why we feel the way we do, and what we can do about it. This bi-weekly podcast is about discovering yourself. Why do we self-sabotage? What is gaslighting? How to set healthy boundaries. So many great topics that address our work and personal lives.

Inappropriate Questions: (CBC Podcast)A guide to asking the wrong questions –the right way. Intergenerational. Curious. Good humoured.

Brainwashed: (CBC Podcast) A journalistic investigation into the CIA’s covert mind control experiments and their lasting cultural impact. What happens when the military and medicine collide?

More with Anna Maria Tremonte: (CBC Podcast) Organic conversations for curious minds. Award-winning host. High profile guests. A journey into the lives and minds of people you think you know.

Pop Chat: (CBC Podcast) A personality-driven show that helps you make sense of the cultural drama blowing up the internet. And keep you on top of the best stuff to watch, read and listen to.

Seat at the Table: (CBC Podcast) Personal stories and perspectives on the Black Lives Matter movement. Candid talks on the urgency of this moment, and what it will take to move forward.

The Dose: (CBC Podcast) A weekly health podcast that separates fact from fiction with a focus on pandemic news; your digital doctor in uncertain times.

The Secret Life of Canada: (CBC Podcast) An irreverent history podcast about the country you know and the stories you don’t, from a BIPOC perspective. Recently gaining lots of attention and  popularity!

This is Not a Drake Podcast: (CBC Podcast) Using seminal moments in Drake’s career to explore the history & evolution of Canadian hip-hop, R&B and Black culture. Smart. Sonically-rich. Unapologetic.

Sickboy: (CBC Podcast)  An interview podcast that breaks down the stigma around illness and disease. Tackling health taboos with people experiencing them firsthand.

PlayME:  The Show Must Go On: (CBC Podcast) Exciting works of theatre cancelled or delayed by COVID-19, freshly adapted as immersive audio dramas — including two world premieres!

PlayME: The Quarantine Edition: (CBC Podcast) Short audio plays inspired by our strange times. Written by exciting, award-winning playwrights and performed by actors working from home.