Father’s Day can take on many forms, but is united in one simple concept;  honouring the man in your world that makes a difference. Whether it’s your own Dad, or your wonderful partner, take a pause for the cause and celebrate- at home of course. With a little pre-planning, you can have a 5-star Father’s Day all in your own four walls. In partnership with Mark Anthony Wine and Spirits, we’re bringing the heat, and the buns, sussing out the best burger to pair with the sensational Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon 2018, a vintage wine bottled by Hope Family wines and the winemaker Austin Hope in Paso Robles. This sunny spot, in the heart of California’s Central Coast has now become synonymous with exceptional quality California Reds.

The Hope Family began farming in Paso Robles more than 40 years ago – growing apples and grapes back in the late 70’s on this land. Austin paved a new path and lead the family business into winemaking and never looked back. Today they are setting the standard for luxury Cabernet Sauvignon in Paso Robles. The Hope Family Wines portfolio now includes Treana, Liberty School, Candor, Troublemaker and Austin Hope wines.

With nuances of fresh black currants and cherries accompanied by subtle smoky tobacco notes and dried spices, this premium wine pairs beautifully with a juicy beef burger, bringing balance to the protein rich patty, with a lovely aromatic vanilla bean and brown butter finish. All-star dads deserve that little extra, and this wine truly delivers. 2018 was a particularly excellent harvest year, with a moderate rainfall and an extended growing season resulting in a full-bodied wine balanced by a touch of bright acidity and polished structured tannins with rich berry undertones.

Recently released, this wine is a dynamic dance partner to any patty, so if your man isn’t into red meat, a gussied up plant-based protein burger or portobello mushroom will still satisfy. We spoke with burger-baron Chef Chris Locke from Marben restaurant in Toronto. His ‘John’s Burger’ is one of the city’s best, here are his tips for making a top notch burger to pair with this premium wine.

Control Your Heat

Have your BBQ at two different temperatures: one side hot for quick searing and one side medium/low for slow cooking. It’ll let you sear the patty to get some colour on it before moving it to the other side to cook to your desired temperature.

Salt ‘n’ Sear

Seasoning too early will draw moisture out of the meat. Keep the juices in and season right before you throw it on the barbie. 

Warm Your Buns

The brioche buns contain sugars and fats. As these are warmed they will soften and make the bun softer. Brush with a little butter and toast lightly for the best experience.

2018 Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon

John’s Burger comes decked out with brisket, aged white cheddar and homemade branston pickle, a rich platform of proteins stacked between a brioche bun. This flavour profile deserves a big bold wine, something with structure to cut through the fat. Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon pairs beautifully,  my suggestion? Get a few, they’ll cellar brilliantly and act as a reminder of an unforgettable Father’s Day for an unforgettable father. 

The 2018 Austin Hope Cabernet Sauvignon is available for $69.95 at your local LCBO.

Stay tuned for a special Father’s Day collaboration with Mark Anthony Wine and Spirits!

Thank you to Mark Anthony Wine and Spirits for sponsoring this post. While we accepted reimbursement for this feature, all opinions are our own.

All photos by Libby Roach.