The Pax 3 Vaporizor is a nifty bit of tech. The pocket friendly vape burns up loose flower into pure bliss. What is this science? It’s science, that’s what. Some days you want in on a smoke session, and this pocket sized mood-enhancer makes it easy to bliss-out without rolling one up.
Pax 3Pax 3 So what is this thing? What is vaping? These questions have plagued mankind for eternity…no wait, that’s not accurate. Vaping is a big word, it can mean a few things. This is technically a conduction oven, not a cartridge filled with questionable vape-juice. So it combusts and burns your greens, it’s not a liquid chamber for changing flavours, you pack what you would into a pipe, but here, the smell is noticeably decreased, as the marijuana is vaporized instead of burnt. With multiple temperature zones and a colour-coded method to let you know where you’re sitting in the cycle, the Pax 3 has made some noticeable improvements on its predecessors.
Bluetooth enabled with a an app for customization, the sleek unit only takes 90 minutes to charge and can go extra innings for 8-10 sessions per charge.
Pax 3
The kit comes equipped with some pipe cleaners that aren’t for arts and crafts apparently, a pokey thing for cleaning the gizmo out, a proprietary charger for USB power ups and a link to their YouTube page to figure it out (I put the weed in the mouthpiece on the first try, so don’t feel bad). Is it “healthier?”…well I’m no Doctor. Any strain on your lungs can’t be a good thing, but it does seem far less harsh than conventional smoking. What’s left after a good session is just a browned out flower, not ash like a joint, so it seems like it pulls the THC and lovely fun out, and doesn’t actually blaze up the bad tar and other nasty bits that get browned out in your lungs. Cleaning is fairly simple and best suited to after each session but I’ve gone 5+ sessions without any loss in quality ‘pulls’.

For $249.99 US through their site, it’s steep. You gotta know that you like vaping, it’s not for the occasional dabbler. But if you’re looking to ditch smoking joints, this could be a very good step towards breaking that habit.