Cookbooks are ideal gifts for any foodie. We each approach the kitchen differently with our families and our guests. Here are some of our favourites to give and receive!

WHAT LIBBY LOOKS FOR IN A COOKBOOK:  I need something photo heavy. At least one or two photos of each dish and bonus points if you supply a step through. I just love the progression and photo documenting a recipe coming to life is rad. I think giving a cookbook is a little bit intimate- I mean, you need to know the person well enough to trust that the book you’re gifting is something that speaks to them too.


WHINING & DINING: For new parents, or those with picky eaters- Whining and Dining is the ultimate guide navigating these murky waters. Part cheerleader, part fairy god mother, this book introduces young eaters to a world of food, while still satisfying grown up tastes too.

MARCUS AT HOME: One look at this stud and you know his clean, simple and easy to follow recipes are not only tasty but accessible too. Marcus at Home features is where revamped classics morph into sophisticated plates that will give you serious foodie street cred. Plus, he’s famous, but not here famous, so it’s got that cachet. Dazzle even the most staunch foodies.

THE MESSY BAKER: ‘Cause everyone needs a baking bible. This book is such an instant classic, blending savoury and sweet desserts and giving you a foundation of baking recipes that you’ll use time and time again. Three variations of dough and they’re alllllll delightful. Charmian, aka the messy baker, doles up good advice from a seasoned kitchen.

WHAT HEATHER LOOKS FOR IN A COOKBOOK:  The kitchen is my happy place. It is where I relax and serve up meals for those I love. It is also the place in my house when all conversations happen, so the more time I am in the kitchen, the more I learn what is happening in my family.  I love to cook and experiment with new recipes and ingredients. Hand me a cookbook with loads of photos and interesting information and I am lost for days. But beware, never ask me to make a chocolate chip cookie, I just can’t seem to get it right.


THE OH SHE GLOWS COOKBOOK: My husband is a meat and potatoes kinda guy, so the thought of a vegan cookbook was not on my radar. Until I received it as a gift (and maybe a hint to eat less meat) from a friend of mine. The photos are exquisite, the book is wonderfully laid out and best of all, the recipes are delicious – even for a carnivore!

DINNER: CHANGING THE GAME: Oh Melissa Clark, you sure know how to make a suburban-mom dream of becoming a Michelin Star chef. This 398 page cookbook has everything – easy to make recipes, loads of information on why and how to cook a dish and beautiful, mouth watering photos. Best of all, her step-by-step instructions are easy to follow and her ingredient list isn’t too lengthy.

DINNER IN AN INSTANT: Look at that, two Melissa Clark books. I think I am a fan girl! I hopped on the electric pressure cooker train about a year ago (I had a stovetop one when I lived on my sailboat, but that is another story) and have yet to hop off. I love it and this cookbook has expanded my quick cooking repertoire. I mean, who doesn’t want dinner done in minutes? The recipes in this book are a dream and easy to follow. And if I want to make it in my slow cooker instead, she has instructions for that!

FOG CITY DINER COOKBOOK: Years ago I had a hankering for a turkey pot-pie recipe. A friend of mine leant me this book and rather than use hers, I went out and bought my own. What it lacks in photos it more than makes up for in comfort-food recipes. Little culinary twists on classics make this book a Sunday night staple.

WHAT SONYA LOOKS FOR IN A COOKBOOK: I love to cook and bake. It brings joy when I see my family and my guests enjoy a good meal. I’m not intimidated in the kitchen but timing is everything. I’m also not a fussy cook and I do like playing with recipes too. I like tasty good and that doesn’t require me being in the kitchen forever. Sorry, I really don’t count calories when I’m investing in a cookbook.


THE REDPATH SUGAR BAKE BOOK: Just released this year with a collection of over 200 recipes. Many family favourites (fruit crumbles, pineapple upside down cake and chinese egg tarts for me!) and some new ones worth trying. It’s a great Canada 150 keepsake as well with recipes that are distinctly created in our country. Hello Nanaimo Bars!

THE EDGY VEG COOKBOOK by Candice Hutchings: This Youtube sensation is on a mission to prove that even carnivores will love these vegan recipes. Having taste tested a few of these (whoa…lox and cream cheese on a bagel) I could honestly tell you the recipes are delicious. Lots of comfort foods and fun party foods worth trying.

BREAD IS GOLD by Massimo Bottura & Friends: This is a very special cookbook. Not only is it inspiring with meals from 45 of the world’s top chefs (Alain Ducasse, Ferran & Albert Adria, Mario Batali, Rene Redzepi) but it’s about making extraordinary meals form ordinary and sometimes discarded and wasted ingredients. The recipes are easy to make and can be cooked by anyone on any budget. It also helps us do our part in tackling the world’s food-waste issues.

HONEST TO GOODNESS by Christine Tizzard: With years of experience in the kitchen, and in front of the television camera, Tizzard shares over 100 nutritious, and stress-free recipes for families. Forget the trends and get back to discovering what’s best for you and your family.  There’s an emphasis on raw and whole ingredients in her very accessible dishes that will inspire anyone to get back into the kitchen.