The transition from winter to spring means it’s time to make a few adjustments in our beauty regime. Time to lighten up on heavy creams that have served us well over the harsher months. I’m pretty in tune with not only how my skin changes with the seasons but also my hair…and I’ve got a lot of it! This spring you may want your hair and scalp ready for nourishment that doesn’t weigh you down. Here are our editorial team’s favourite hair care products that are worth a season’s change now:

CLAIROL HAIR FOOD SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER: As soon as hair starts to feel weighed down from previous shampoo, it may be time to switch things up. Put away the heavy conditioners. This new line of Hair Food nourishes hair and after a couple weeks of use, we agree that hair feels healthier and looks shinier than before. Now that the sun is shining and we’ve put away the toques, this line makes hair shine . There are two collections: Moisture, Volume and Root Conditioning. I tried the Volume Shampoo and Conditioner that’s infused with kiwi and exotic fig.

NIOXIN INSTANT FULLNESS DRY SHAMPOO: Take this on the go to freshen up your do. This little pick-me up is create for those who have thin, or thinning hair giving your hair a refresh and  more time in between washings.It instantly absorbs oil and  is lightweight. Maximum benefits with their 3-part system. As a fan of dry shampoos, this one doesn’t leave a funny residue and it smells fresh.

MILKSHAKE LEAVE-IN CONDITIONER: When you’re on the go this leave-in conditioner continues to offer nutrients to your tresses especially after the long cold winter. Jumping in and out of heated spaces and into the cold would have left hair strands dry and brittle. Suitable for all hair types to detangle and moisturize. Plus it smells like marshmallows. YUM.

WELEDA ROSEMARY CONDITIONING HAIR OIL: Is a nourishing deep oil treatment with fine oils and extracts to nourish the scalp and smooth the hair shaft. After winter, it helps put the nutrients and shine back into dry hair. Massaging a few drops of this oil on the scalp or right into wet or dry hair while styling.

GRAYDON MATCHA MINT SHAMPOO: If you’re looking for a green option, this Canadian line is well thought out. This new Matcha Mint Shampoo not only cleanse and nourishes but doesn’t strip your hair of natural shine producing oils. Great for everyday use and for the family. Graydon (yes, there’s actually a face behind the name) sources plant-based ingredients from Canadian growers and manufacturers. Not your typical green beauty brand. It’s better.

LOVE UR CURLS ALL-IN-ONE LEAVE-IN: For those who have naturally curly hair we know how important maintenance is throughout the year. Curls can feel out of control and this line repairs, hydrates and perfect for styling. Available for wavy, curly and kinky-curl hair. Free of sulfates, silicones, paragons, paraffin, phthalates, propylene glycol, DEA, mineral oil, gluten and synthetic dyes.

DYSON SUPERSONIC HAIR DRYER: When this hairdryer came into the market we were all kinda shocked at the sticker price. Well, once I had a chance to review it, I turned around and invested in one. Most people assume that the hairdryer is about drying fast. Sure, but that’s not the key reason for purchasing. It’s doesn’t damage to your hair shafts thanks to it’s technology. Leaving my hair softer and not out of control. For those who have thought about it and can’t stomach the $500 price tag, you can also get factory refurbished ones exclusively through eBay for only $320 but only until May 9th. All refurbished models normally sell for $399 on a regular basis but this deal offers the Dyson hair dryers that are tested to meet like-new performances standards and have a on one-year guarantee. Go to