Othership has just announced that its second location in Yorkville will open to the public on November 15th. The clubhouse for inspired community collaboration and thoughtful therapeutic treatments has become a favourite amongst Toronto’s fitness and wellness ambassadors.

Born from guided hot and cold therapy sessions in a garage for friends during the pandemic, Othership became a destination for Zen as soon as its Adelaide Street location launched in 2022.


Located on Bloor Street West and once again designed by Futureship, this second location beats to a similar rhythm as the first location, albeit the drum is a lot larger. This new spot is double the capacity of its Adelaide predecessor. With 5,000 sq ft of thoughtfully defined space- everything they manifested the first time around will be echoed and enhanced at this new stunning location.

Othership’s signature guided sauna and ice bath experiences will be a focal point. A massive custom sauna has the occupancy of a small nightclub (90 people) making it the largest in the city. Eight private ice baths all hovering at 1° Celsius offer a chill zone usually only reserved for the starting lineup of the Maple Leafs.

But the cocoon of a tea room is a lure like no other. Imagine a space where like-minded people can ditch the shackles of shame and actually share. Share feelings, share a space, or just even share the air. There is so much power in this collective spirit. Breathwork and meditation or mindful conversation, the impact of this 500 sq foot space will be felt far beyond the four walls.

Othership-YKVL Social Commons
Gather, be present, be open Othership Yorkville delivers dramatic and inviting social spaces


Another crucial element is the sensory experience. The founders, Robert Bent, Emily Bent, Myles Farmer, Amanda Laine, and Harrison Taylor travelled the world to bring the best of Scandinavian, Russian and Asian practices to Othership’s signature water circuits.

Building into the experience the team amplified its immersive sounds, a key foundation to tuning out and tuning in. A custom four-cedar scent provides an earthy outdoorsy aromatherapy feel and lighting, of course, requires careful consideration. Deliberately trying to interrupt and interject with organic flourishes like Noguchi rice paper lamps, amber wall sconces and soft candlelight, Futureship added a huge orb-light that mimics the vivid lighting of sunrise and sunset, custom-designed by Toronto’s anony.

Scented with cedar wood, the natural elements lend to a deliberate pause for those seeking mental refuge in the city landscape. The textiles are a playful revisit of cabin culture, with handmade patchwork drapery that lends an acoustic curtain like a well-placed safety net.

“Our second location is a testament to Torontonians’ desire for spaces to connect with themselves and their communities,” said Robert Bent, co-founder and CEO of Othership. “As a society, we’re starting to think much more about how much our emotional state impacts not only our physical health but day-to-day life.


cold plunge lake ontario- CITY SHRED
Cold Plunges in Lake Ontario are a fave activity amongst the founders- like this one in partnership with CITY SHRED

Othership’s loyal Journeyers (members) have swelled since its inception. People want a way to connect that doesn’t involve going for cocktails. The response triggered this second location, with two more in the works coming to NYC. Fostering this feel-good momentum into a full-blown movement was aided by their massive online following, with 40,000 followers on social media and hundreds of 5-star reviews.

The catalyst for this amazing growth was buoyed by the Othership breathwork app. Developing this app allowed Othership’s reach to grow beyond its Toronto borders. Meditation and breathwork, similar to the guided classes offered on Adelaide are now on-demand, and reliably ready wherever you are.


With investors like Headspace, as well as the founders of Soul Cycle, Daybreaker and even the Canadian songbird Shawn Mendes, Othership‘s multi-sensorial experience proves popular, and is now more accessible for so many more people.

Othership equates to a ‘choose our own adventure’ for those seeking therapeutic endeavours. Daytime classes channel a quieter approach to mental clarity, while evening opportunities can feature a more immersive and dynamic experience. Come as you are, and leave better for it.

Both drop-in visits, packages and membership options are available. Introductory pricing begins at $55 for a drop-in session, with membership options starting at $45 per month. Sessions are available from 7 a.m. to 10:30 p.m. Sunday through Wednesday and 7 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. Full schedule available through the website. https://www.othership.us/

Images courtesy Othership.