Mill Street has been leading the pack and setting the trend since it’s 2002 inception. The local Ontario brewer aimed to deliver a better product, and cultivated an audience of consumers who want better, not just for themselves and their health, but their local environment too. Mill Street has just announced that their Cobblestone Stout and Tankhouse Ale will join their fleet of organic beers, with Original Organic Lager and 100th Meridian all as organic certified.

Beer Flight + Bites

Mill Street’s Head Brewmaster Joel Manning speaks passionately on the subject. Since their first year in 2002 when organic beer wasn’t even on the radar, Mill Street opened selling their Original Organic Lager. The organics game has changed since 2002, back then, Canada had no certification process, so Mill Street piggybacked on the USDA program to gain certification. Now, adding to their fleet, Canada has gotten with the program, which meant that their next round of beers was going to require a different process to gain that same certification. They didn’t sweat the new rules. “We do things the Mill Street way, our process is that rigorous,” adds Joel.
Quietly sourcing the best ingredients and working closely with local farmers to produce their malts and grains, Mill Street is excited to deliver a more robust line up of beers, adding a dynamic blend of beers to their offerings. It’s something important to Joel, and Mill Street’s consumers. “People think of us as the Original organic, and we’re the biggest organic brewer in Canada. The sustainability of the entire system hinges on this. It’s not just an end-consumer thing, we look at it from a bigger lens,” says Joel. The addition of Nitro Stout Cobblestone nets a creamy pour, and a toasty aftertaste. Tankhouse has been part of their beer program since 2003, but now reworked as an organic, still with the same subtle bitter bite, and a lovely finish at the end.
Food is also part of the organic menu, like the Tandoori Chicken Wings (see above) or Pulled Pork Sammy. That ethos of eating and drinking well clearly sits well with Canadians, who are craving more organic products and sustainable options. With pubs and beer halls across Canada, Mill Street is dedicated to offering Canadians the very best in beer, and beyond.

Thanks to Mill Street Brewery for hosting the tasting and interview with Brewmaster Joel Manning!

All Photos by Libby Roach.