Shop til you drop

If you love a good dollar store as much as you love shopping at Muji and can still dig up an old Hello Kitty wallet in your closet, you are going to LOVE Oomomo.

Have you ever seen cuter plastic storage bins?

Where else can you grab some false eyelashes, a tiny frog kitchen timer, some yarn, slippers, mini rolls of wax paper and some ceramic rice bowls, mostly in the $3 price range?

Laundry supplies, beauty supplies+ kitchen gadgets

Until now, you could only visit this magical emporium in Vancouver or Edmonton but this 1300 sq foot North York shop is now home to the third store in this growing, popular chain.

The array of stuff is overwhelming in the best way

Oomomo (big peach in Japanese) is modeled after Japan’s 100 yen stores, selling all manner of household items, dinnerware, kitchen gadgets, stationary, craft materials, beauty products and snacks. Much of their product line comes from Daiso, a popular Japanese discount brand, previously unavailable to Canadians but plans for massive expansion across the country means we can all get our Oomomo on.



896 Don Mills Rd, North York.

Mon-Thur 11am-8pm.

Fri-Sat 10am-9pm.

Sun 10am-8pm